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RNC or bust!

Posted by on Aug 31 2008 | Idiot Box (TV Show)

Forget energy, health care, education or taxes!  Who is Sarah Palin? And can she help Senator John McCain win the west and the important battleground state of Colorado?  Also, we all want to know which celebebs will be rubbing elbows with Republicans in the twin cities? Those are just a few of the hot issues  we will kick around on our 2 1/2 hour, live Republican National Convention edition of Independent Thinking. Some of the best and the brightest from the Independence Institute will join me for this panel event to discuss all things RNC including Health Care Policy Center Director Linda Gorman, Education Policy Analyst Ben DeGrow, Property Rights Project Director Jessica Corry and columnist Jay Ambrose. Tune in to KBDI Channel 12 on Tuesday night from 7 to 9:30 p.m. for the most engaging, live and local analysis on the Republican National Convention.

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Friday’s Funny

Posted by on Aug 29 2008 | Friday's Funny

© 2008, Benjamin Hummel. To see more cartoons like this go to

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The Big Story

Posted by on Aug 28 2008 | Idiot Box (TV Show)

Protesters? Hillary or Bill? Hollywood stars? Tight security? Traffic jams? Invesco field? What will be the big story from Denver’s Democratic National Convention?  On this special edition of Independent Thinking host Jon Caldara convenes a star-studded media round table that includes Executive Editor of the Weekly Standard and co-host of Fox News Beltway Boys Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke also of the Beltway Boys, John McCormack of the Weekly Standard and Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi. Tune in Friday night at 8:30 p.m. to KBDI Channel 12; repeated the following Tuesday evening at 5 p.m.

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Me at the DNC, line please…

Posted by on Aug 27 2008 | democratic national convention

Just in case they forgot, the words to the Pledge of Allegiance was run on the tele-prompter.

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Government Unions Growing in Colorado and the U.S.

Posted by on Aug 27 2008 | Labor

Labor Day weekend is approaching. For most of us that means taking a long weekend to slack off and enjoy the last gasp of summer. At least that’s what I plan to do.

But our friends over at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in Washington State are a little more ambitious. Every year around Labor Day, EFF puts out a “State of Labor” report to highlight trends and developments in the world of unions. This year’s theme is “The Expansion of Public-Sector Collective Bargaining”.

We know a little bit about the recent growth of union power in government here in Colorado. That’s why EFF asked our own Ben DeGrow to get busy and write a couple articles to fill in observers across the nation on just what has happened in our own backyard. Ben’s two articles are “Colorado Supreme Court Exempts Union Activity from Disclosure” and “Employee Partnerships and Right-to-Work in Colorado”. On the second topic, Ben also has written a Denver Post op-ed and a two-page summary backgrounder that links to a full issue paper.

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Me at the DNC, Lois is hot

Posted by on Aug 26 2008 | democratic national convention

Day two at the DNC. I usually do radio alone, but it has been a kick co-hosting with Lois Melkonian during “the ride home” on 850 KOA. The “greenest convention ever” has the air conditioning up to the point to keep Walt Disney’s frozen body at the right temperature. Downside – Lois not sleeveless with miniskirt as she was yesterday. Damn two-faced enviros ruining my life. Again.

Rumors that state Republican Chair, Dick Wadhams somehow got a floor pass, meaning he was able to mingle among the official delegates. So at least one person will be down there leading the delegates to chant,”Run Hillary, Run!”

DNC volunteers still rummaging through the trash cans, searching for recyclables. Good practice for when Obama becomes president and trash rummaging becomes a way to make ends meet.

Bottled soda – $4.00. Bottled water – $3.25. Seventy-five cents for sugar and bubbles. Must be a sin tax.

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Me at the DNC

Posted by on Aug 25 2008 | democratic national convention

I’m broadcasting all this week from the DNC. I’m sitting in for Dave Logan on “the ride home”. Lois Melkonian and I are doing drive time from 3 to 7:30 pm on 850 KOA. I am on “radio row”, basically behind the main stage. I’ll try to give you stupid little tid-bits as time permits.

The big news – I just ate my first $6 hotdog. Is this the change Barak promised? And in perfect nanny fashion, this is the first time I’ve been to the Pepsi Center and unable to buy a beer. Good thing I got drunk before I came in.

In front of me are three re-cycling trash bins. But more impressive is the green Tee shirt wearing volunteer behind them. If you have a problem telling the difference between paper and glass, she is there to help. Insert Democrat joke here.

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DNC Weekend Wrap Up

Posted by on Aug 25 2008 | democratic national convention

The guys over at the People’s Press Collective posted a weekend wrap up video. It’s chock full of loony leftists doing the things loony leftists do.
Check it out:

Stay tuned for further coverage. I hear the moonbats will attempt to levitate the mint today. I’ll wait patiently with disbelief suspended.

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Non-stop DNC Coverage, from the Streets

Posted by on Aug 24 2008 | democratic national convention, PPC

Head over to the People’s Press Collective now. Yeah, right now. They’ve got a ton of breaking photos, videos (including a live-stream video feed), and reporting from the middle of moon-bat mayhem. The world-renowned megastar Michelle Malkin has linked up with the crew and is shooting photos and video, in addition to doing a little reporting herself. Also keep an eye on the YouTube page for breaking video, 24 hours a day.

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The Life and Times of an Ethiopian Refugee, continued…

Posted by on Aug 22 2008 | Kopelization

Remember Habtamu Dugo, the Ethiopian journalist who narrowly escaped the grips of his totalitarian government? Well, we just received word that he officially received political asylum from the United States government! The process wasn’t quick and it certainly wasn’t easy, but he did it. Here’s a quick rundown of the process: Dave Kopel sent Habtamu an official invitation to speak at the Independence Institute, which allowed him to lawfully enter the United States back in March. After speaking at an Independence event, appearing in podcasts, filming an episode of Independent Thinking, appearing on the Amy Oliver radio show, and speaking to classes at Summit Middle Charter School in Boulder, Habtamu flew to New York. There, Independence Institute Senior Fellow Dr. Joanne D. Eisen generously offered him a place to stay until he could find employment–which he was not allowed to do until he became a legal resident of the United States. Dave helped Habtamu work with one of the top asylum attorneys in the United States. And now, Habtamu has official political asylum. In a recent email to Dave, Habtamu had this to say about his new found freedom,

Thank you so much for making this day possible. I really feel the freedom the United States offers. I am sitting here wearing a t-shirt with the statue of liberty and the American Flag because of you! Thank so much for saving my life!

This is really powerful stuff. His next step is to apply for a green card, which for those with asylum is automatic. We are very proud of Habtamu and have the great expectations for his future. He has already presented a paper at an academic conference in Minnesota, on African issues. Right now he is learning about his new nation, which for him–as for so many freedom-seekers–is his Promised Land. He’s also busy writing for the Oromantic blog, which tells the story of the persecuted Oromo people of Ethiopia. Go get ‘em Hab, you know we’re behind you all the way!

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