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Posted by on Aug 21 2008 | democratic national convention, PPC

850KOA has fortunately pulled me from the dark dungeons of the night shift to the glowing rays of afternoon talk radio to co-host The Ride Home with Lois Melkonian during the DNC. I’ll essentially be the unathletic replacement version for Dave Logan. Lois and I will be covering the DNC live from the Pepsi Center from 3 to 7pm, Monday the 25th to Thursday the 28th, so be sure to tune in to hear me poke fun at all the liberal wacko’s running around the convention hall.

I am also trying to get more involved in the Colorado blogosphere’s coverage of the DNC. I’ve heard through the grapevine about this group, the People’s Press Collective, who will be covering the event from outside the convention halls and the media fed puppet shows. They are a team of Colorado bloggers who will be armed to the teeth with point and shoot cameras, video cameras, and live streaming cell phones to document all the shenanigans, beat downs, hippie love-fests, and wacky protests going down in the streets. Basically anything the mainstream media won’t be around for, they will. Some pretty big time Colorado bloggers like the Rocky Mountain Right, Rossputin, Slapstick Politics, and Drunkablog have already signed on. They’ve got some cool features on their site like a quick 1 minute DNC preview video, a DNC blog post aggregator, and even a comprehensive schedule of DNC events.

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