12 Counties Already Have Amendment 49 Language

Posted by on Oct 31 2008 | Amendment 49, PPC

I’d like to piggy back off my Sheriffs post yesterday and include another newspaper that got it right.  The Pueblo Chieftain ran a piece called, “Amendment 49 wording nothing new in Colorado.” They highlighted that 12 counties already have language similar to 49, which means that over half of Colorado’s population already lives under 49.  Thus, the claims that law enforcement and firefighters will be left out to dry is…. well, I’ll let Weld County Sheriff John Cooke speak for himself,

We’ve had (Amendment 49 wording) in Weld County, and we’ve had it for several years,” said Weld County Sheriff John Cook. “It does not affect our ability to provide good law enforcement. I think it’s ludicrous and insulting on some of these ads that say we can’t do as good a job if 49 passes.

Now, as far as Godzilla destroying Denver if Amendment 49 passes… No comment.

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