$250 for My Dirty Old Socks? Bargain.

Posted by on Nov 02 2008 | Amendment 49

Susie the State Worker, Larry the Lobbyist, and Bernie the Bureaucrat needed a new home after starring in the world famous Amendment 49 YouTube video. Their breathtaking performances led them into a whirlwind of media attention and fans gone mad.  I was tired of constantly playing press agent for them, and Susie was just not accepting any of my advances (believe me I tried).  Therefore, their placement on Ebay was inevitable.  Fortunately for them, Bob Melvin came through and scooped them up at the bargain price of only $250.  Here is the audio clip of Bob on 850 KOA’s The Ride Home, where he explains why he bought the famous socks.  Isn’t it obivous… they were previously on my feet!

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