R.I.P. Media Matters: Goodbye to My Man-Crush

Posted by on Mar 20 2009 | Capitol Crazies, PPC, Purely Personal

Colorado Media Matters, run by Tim Gill play-thing Bill Menezes, is no longer.  Here is the entire news reporting of its quiet death by the Denver Post,

One of Colorado’s liberal watchdogs has ceased to bark.

Colorado Media Matters on Monday closed its doors as its parent organization in Washington, D.C., plans more efficient expansions into more states, state editorial director Bill Menezes told The Denver Post.

A new model “will allow us to launch this in other states where they were clamoring for it,” he said.

Media Matters officials in Washington did not return calls seeking comment Wednesday.

The group’s Colorado office, home to five employees at its closure, spent three years red-flagging “misinformation and conservative information not labeled as such” in newspapers and on television and radio, Menezes said.

One of the website’s most frequent targets was libertarian think-tank leader Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute in Golden and host of a radio talk show.

Caldara said he was “absolutely heartbroken.”

He quipped that the Colorado Media Matters staff made up half his audience.

“I feel like I’m losing a stalker girlfriend,” Caldara said.

Colorado Media Matters was the only state affiliate of the national Media Matters, which I’ve gotta tell you was pretty damn flattering.  Their goal was to “Imus” a conservative broadcaster, like me, out of a job. Starting with 12 full-time employees, which apparently dwindled down to five, they were never able to do it in their three years trying.  What was impressive about the whole operation was the out-sourcing of the politics of personal destruction by the Tim Gill machine to leftist organizations.

Of course the most entertaining part of it, and what we will all miss so very much, is the hyper-oversensitivity and the constant state of outrage that Bill Menenzes would have to fake.  And personally I will miss the love-notes that Bill emails me.  A lonely man like me appreciates the attention of, well, anyone.  I was flattered, and yes, a  little curious.  I have never had anyone with such a man-crush on me before, and likely never will again.  So goes love.  (sniff)  Goodbye Bill.  We’ll always have Denver.

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