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Dave Kopel on Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Posted by on May 29 2009 |, Kopelization

Here it is folks. Exactly what you wanted to hear. Constitutional expert and super human Dave Kopel on Amy Oliver’s radio show discussing his take on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Audio thanks to 1310 KFKA out of Greeley.

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Myths of the Great Depression

Posted by on May 28 2009 | Economics, Idiot Box (TV Show)

The rhetoric surrounding today’s economic climate is frighting. Americans are bombarded with news of “the worst economy since the Great Depression.” Problem is, much of what Americans know about the Great Depression is simply wrong; for example, President Franklin Roosevelt’s policies stimulated the economy. In truth, Roosevelt’s policies needlessly prolonged the financial pain. Larry Reed president of the Foundation for Economic Education and author of Great Myths of the Great Depression joins guest host Jessica Corry to enlighten us on what we don’t know about the most difficult economic decade in modern history. Tune tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. to KBDI Channel 12; repeated the following Tuesday evening at 5 p.m.

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Proud Daddy Story

Posted by on May 28 2009 | Purely Personal

My wife blurts out the word “shoot!” So then my six-year-old daughter says, “Mommy, you shouldn’t use that word, it’s a naughty word.” To which my wife says, “oh no honey, ‘shoot’ isn’t a bad word at all, it is the other word that’s a bad word, and we shouldn’t say that one.” So my precious little girl then innocently responds, “Oh, you mean ‘fuck’?” NEVER been so proud.

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Would a white male be called a racist if…

Posted by on May 27 2009 | Capitol Crazies, PPC, The Founders, Uncategorized

Would a white male Supreme Court nominee be called a racist if he said, “I would hope that a wise Caucasian male with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina woman who hasn’t lived that life”?

Would he have a snowball’s chance in hell of being confirmed?

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Wednesday Wrap-Up

Posted by on May 27 2009 | Events, Health Care,, Kopelization, PPC, Second Amendment

    ***How many of you get special thank you notes from Steve Forbes? Yeah, didn’t think so. Health Care Policy Center director Linda Gorman does. Next time, send a check Steve!
    ***Speaking of health care, the Galen Institute is running a video contest intended to showcase videos that break down the ever growing single-payer myths out there. Here’s my favorite video: great analogy, using the idea of “Universal Car Care” to get the point across.
    ***Finally, Dave Kopel continues to Kopelize the country. This time, he managed to infiltrate the heavily guarded New York Times editorial board with this piece on guns in national parks. Which brings me to one of Kopel’s most Kopelized one-liners, “guns don’t exercise free will.” But maybe they do in national parks?
    ***Bonus: While on the topic of gun control, check this out: (click to ENLARGE)

    (courtesy of my friends over at the People’s Press Collective)

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Status of Colorado Health Care

Posted by on May 21 2009 | Health Care, Idiot Box (TV Show)

Public or Private?  Right or privilege? Those are the vogue questions these days as more and more government creeps into the health care of Americans. Independent Thinking host Jon Caldara sits down with two State Representatives, Spencer Swalm (R-Centennial)  and Jim Riesberg (D-Greeley), to discuss the pros and cons of a public health system and the state of Colorado health care at the end of the 2009 legislative session. Tune in this Friday night at 8:30 p.m. on KBDI Channel 12; repeated the following Tuesday evening at 5 p.m.

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Wednesday Wrap-Up

Posted by on May 20 2009 | Economics, education, Government Largess, Health Care, PPC

I’m a little late reporting my weekly wrap-up, but I had some other things going on earlier. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it.

    ***Have you been following the never ending battle waged on behalf of transparency? Yeah, it’s difficult. Turns out, state officials really do not want you to know how they are spending YOUR money! However, you’ve got us on your side, and Amy Oliver has been on the front lines fighting to see our government’s check register. Don’t forgot to follow the Colorado Spending Transparency (COST) blog to keep up to date on government transparency and accountability. And if you can, please consider donating $10 or more for transparency, we really could use it!
    ***Health Care Policy Center director Linda Gorman makes the case against the “public option” when it comes to providing health coverage. Makes me wonder, do people really want their doctors offices to look like the DMV??
    ***Finally, Barry Poulson is just plain on another level. What happens when two of the most famous economists of our time need some back-up for their Wall Street Journal op-ed? They go to Barry Poulson, that’s what they do! Barry is a bonified rockstar. When are we going to start selling fashionable “WWBPD?” wristbands?

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Tax Me Enough and I’m Going Mobile

Posted by on May 19 2009 | Capitol Crazies, Government Largess, PPC

The Wall Street Journal had a fantastic op-ed yesterday from two of the most distinguished economists of our day.  Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich written by the famous Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore, told of the unfortunate situation high tax states find themselves in, relative to low tax states.  At present, high tax states like California, New York, and New Jersey find themselves with huge budget deficits and no way to plug the holes.  What’s their solution?  Soak the rich!  But the irony is, soaking the rich with high taxes was what gave them such huge deficits to begin with.  It’s like any other government “solution:” do something stupid, and when it doesn’t work out, continue to do more of the same stupid things.  The proof is in the numbers.  Low tax states, and states with no income tax at all, do not find themselves in the gigantic debt hole that CA, NY, NJ, and the like find themselves.  So what do two of the most successful, famous economists of our time do when they need answers and data to back up their newly inked op-ed?  They go to Independence Institute senior fellow Barry Poulson, that’s what they do!  Here’s Barry in all his glory,

More recently, Barry W. Poulson of the University of Colorado last year examined many factors that explain why some states grew richer than others from 1964 to 2004 and found “a significant negative impact of higher marginal tax rates on state economic growth.” In other words, soaking the rich doesn’t work. To the contrary, middle-class workers end up taking the hit.

See it’s quite simple.  High marginal tax rates do three things:  1. Encourage high income residents to leave the state (along with their businesses), 2. Discourage high income earners and business owners from ever moving into the state, and 3. Encourage high income earners that choose to stay in the state to shield as much of their income as they possibly can, and believe me, they are the ones savvy enough to do so.  In other words, the rich and business owners have the capacity for what the great Roger Daltrey once put it -  “Going Mobile.”

And there you have it. Barry gets references in The Wall Street Journal, while I can’t even get a call from the National Enquirer.

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Independence Wants YOU for Colorado Transparency!

Posted by on May 18 2009 | PPC, Transparency

I am really just starting to understand the power of government transparency.  A bill this last legislative session that would have placed school districts’ check book registers online was killed.  Keep in mind this information is all “open to public inspection” through the Colorado Open Records Act now, so why did school districts fight so hard to avoid making that info easy to access for all taxpayers? Could it be that once the governmental books are opened up to anyone with a computer, then anyone could become an auditor.  Imagine 5 million citizens looking into the books for waste, mistakes and corruption?

We had some amazing victories for state-wide transparency this year, but we won’t rest until we see all 3000 governments in Colorado place their financial records online for all to see.  And I need your help to do it.

I normally don’t use this space on the Cauldron to ask for help, but we’ve been tasked with what they call a “challenge grant.” What this means is that if we can raise $25,000 for transparency in Colorado, we get an additional $25,000. Not too shabby huh? So far we’ve raised about $23,000, so we need just $2,000 more. This is where you come in. We all know Ritter and friends just love using the word transparency but fear nothing more than letting you, the taxpayer, know just exactly how they are spending your money. Our Amy Cooke has already promised to bring back transparency in education spending, in addition to other sunshine measures. The fight we could wage on behalf of COST would be enormous with this money.

Head over to Ten Dollars (or more) for Transparency to make your donation on behalf of Colorado Spending Transparency.

Let there be no taxation without information!  Please help us make this goal.

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Friday’s Funny

Posted by on May 15 2009 | Events, Friday's Funny, PPC

© 2008, Benjamin Hummel. To see more cartoons like this go to

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