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Freedom Conference – Learn About Your Constitution

Posted by on Aug 28 2009 | Events, U.S. Constitution

The Freedom Conference is an educational event that will introduce you to the Constitution and demonstrate how the Federal Reserve monetary system is destroying liberty.  Education is the first line of defense for our freedom and country.  You will learn what you can do to stop the destruction of liberty and preserve the Constitution.

When: September 12th, 2009
Time: 9am to 12 noon.
Location: University of Denver, Sturm Hall, Davis auditorium, 2nd floor
2000 East Asbury Ave.
Denver, CO 80208
Price: $10, (parking available for $6).

Lecturers: Mike Holler, Paul Prentice, and Fred Holden.

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Senator Bennett Town Hall – Pueblo Today!

Posted by on Aug 28 2009 | Events, Health Care

Just got wind of this health care town hall meeting today down in Pueblo, hosted by Senator (who?) Bennett.  It starts at 1pm, and tickets can be had here.

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Friday’s Smack-down

Posted by on Aug 28 2009 | Health Care, PPC

Thanks to Rossputin, I just got to view this incredible video. This Marine took no prisoners (pun intended) with his tough questions.  I get the feeling that this type of health care hostility is more prevalent than the major news outlets are telling me….

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Art Laffer on Obama Care

Posted by on Aug 27 2009 | Health Care, PPC

Art Laffer, world renowned economist – most famous for the Laffer curve – recently put out an incredible paper for us titled, “The Prognosis for National Health Insurance: A Colorado Perspective.” Juiciest bit of information from study,

The study concludes that President Obama’s health care reform agenda will cost $4,156 per Colorado resident in additional federal and state expenditures over the next 10 years. In addition, the proposed government health care expansion will reduce economic growth in Colorado by 4.3% through 2019.

Sure sounds like change to me…. ouch.

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Thursday Wrap-Up

Posted by on Aug 27 2009 | Events, Health Care, PPC

    ***So let me see if I get this. Our side is the one with the homemade signs and little to no experience actually protesting anything – thus, our collective awkwardness while protesting Obama Care. Their side has the fully laminated, pre-made to order signs – each with a union bug, pre-written chants and songs, AND free bus rides from out of state…. and WE are the astroturfers??? Get real.
    ***Here’s another thought: How come every time someone like myself speaks out against Obama’s version of health reform, which is yet even MORE political controls on our already bogged down health system, we get accused of being on the insurance industry’s payroll – or some other corporate payroll? Now here’s the hypocrisy in that. Point me to a time when the pro-war, conservative movement ever claimed that those against the Iraq war were somehow on Saddam’s payroll. Or show me when anyone in the conservative movement ever claimed that those FOR politicized medicine are somehow on Obama’s payroll.
    ***Speaking of Obama… if you’d like to meet and greet with the wonderful folks participating in the Obama health care bus tour, be downtown tomorrow at 5pm. You might even want to RSVP to make sure you have a spot…
    ***Our good friend Ari Armstrong over at has just started a 4 part series on health rationing. The first 2 parts are up now. Please go check them out, they are essential reading for this debate.

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Tuesday Funny

Posted by on Aug 25 2009 | Capitol Crazies, Friday's Funny, PPC

Remember this “wee-weed” story? Our cartoonist took it to heart…

© 2009, Benjamin Hummel. To see more cartoons like this go to

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Health Rationing is Real, so are the Death Panels

Posted by on Aug 21 2009 | Health Care, PPC

Like we showed in our health reform video, when you politicize medicine, politicians decide who gets treated and when. Here is a rather frightening video that demonstrates our point even further – also using the Oregon health care system as the example:

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Health Insurance and Government

Posted by on Aug 21 2009 | Uncategorized

It’s unfortunate that so much of the health care debate is about whether insurance companies — or for that matter, the government — are good or bad. The cost problem, which in turn is the accessibility problem, is due to the third-party payer system, and that system exists whether one uses bureaucratic private insurance companies or bureaucratic government to pay routine bills that patients should be paying themselves.

To put it in perspective: We use car insurance only for major expenses, not routine care. If windshield wiper blades were covered by auto insurance, can you imagine what the cost would be? Continue Reading »

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Downzoing Denver

Posted by on Aug 21 2009 | Idiot Box (TV Show), Property Rights

(Seems they aired the Cuba episode last week, and will air Downzoning Denver tonight. The ol’ switch-a-roo.)

Why do the Denver city central planners hate senior fellow Mike Krause’s property rights so much they want to downzone his entire Berkeley neighborhood – so that no one can ever add value to their property through redevelopment? This week, Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown and Mike Krause of the Independence Institute join guest host Jessica Corry to discuss the future of property rights in Colorado’s largest city. Tune in tonight at 8:30pm on KBDI channel 12, with a repeat viewing next Tuesday at 5pm.

Bonus: Read Mike Krause’s op-ed on the subject here.

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My Health Care Rally Speech

Posted by on Aug 19 2009 | Events, Health Care, PPC

Just in case you couldn’t be there at the July 28th Hands Off My Health Care rally on the Capitol steps. Here is my speech in its entirety thanks to LiveFreeColorado. Although I must point out that they did spell my name incorrectly (no “e” please).

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