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Posted by on Sep 23 2009 | Government Largess, Health Care, PPC

    ***The center-right is justly opposing Obama Care; the tremendously successful tea party movement is evidence of this, as they have been overwhelmingly anti-government takeover of health care. However, I suspect that there is a percentage of protesters and opposition who would be less fervently against Obama Care if it weren’t Obama and the Democrats pushing it. What if, instead, Obama was merely pushing old Republican ideas? Ari Armstrong’s new op-ed in the Colorado Springs Gazette points this fact out. Much of the planks that make up Obama Care are equally backed by prominent Republicans. Granted, there are many elected Republicans who have given great free market solutions to our health care problems, we have to admit that Obama and the Democrats are not alone in their quest to crush what little freedom is left in medicine.
    ***Yet another hat tip to the profound Ari Armstrong: Obama has stated that forcing everyone to have health insurance (like Massachusetts currently does – with disastrous consequences) is just like forcing all drivers to carry car insurance. Sounds plausible right? Wrong. Ari points out why via Brian Schwartz at Patient Power.
    ***The late, great Milton Friedman proposed that we cease all medical licensing. This was a pretty extreme statement back then, just as it is today. However, extreme does not mean without merit.
    ***Justice Policy Initiative director Mike Krause has the gall to write about how the drug war is a massive failure. Thankfully, we taxpayers funding this massive disaster have a logical and coherent voice on our behalf. Thanks Mike.

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