Wednesday Wrap-Up

Posted by on Sep 30 2009 | Government Largess, Health Care, PPC

    ***Feels great to be back in the States! Our Canadian Health Care Fact Finding Trip was a resounding success. We were able to get coverage on the Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier and a whole slew of local Fox affiliates (including our Fox 31), in addition to being published in The Washington Times, L.A. Times, and The Wall Street Journal. John Fund, who joined us for our Canadian adventure, wrote the latest piece printed just today in the Journal, Escape to Montana. Gateway Pundit also did a fantastic job live blogging the event for us. Check his coverage here for analysis and videos.
    ***Wait, so why were we in Canada getting a closer look at their “public option?” Check out this earlier post I wrote outlining our mission.
    ***Obama’s “stimulus” package has brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to Colorado in order to create jobs. (as if government can create a job without destroying private sector jobs). Our Colorado Spending Transparency (COST) director Amy Oliver uncovered just how costly it is to “create” jobs with tax dollars. After reading it, you’ll likely ask yourself, “am I in the wrong business?”
    ***Washington state is in the middle of debating whether to bring a TABOR like amendment to their neck of the woods. Economist and senior fellow Barry Poulson could not be more clear: do it!

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