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Reflections on 25 Great Years

Posted by on Nov 30 2009 | Events, Media

Our good friend and loyal supporter Ari Armstrong was one of many of you who had the honor of attending our 25th Annual Founders Night celebration.  Before sitting down to great food and a keynote address by none other than P.J. O’Rourke, Ari conducted interviews with some key figures in the Independence Institute’s 25 year history.  Please enjoy these two videos filmed, edited, and posted by Ari Armstrong of

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One on One with Dave Kopel

Posted by on Nov 27 2009 | Uncategorized

On this week’s Independent Thinking, host Jon Caldara is joined by Independence Institute Research Director and Second Amendment expert Dave Kopel to discuss Dave’s new book Aiming For Liberty: The Past, Present, and Future of Freedom and Self-Defense. Dave and Jon also discuss the recent amicus brief the Independence Institute filed for the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case McDonald v. Chicago. If you are a fan of civil liberties in general, and the Second Amendment in particular, you won’t want to miss this show.

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Wednesday’s Funny

Posted by on Nov 25 2009 | Friday's Funny

Since today is like a Friday (thanks Thanksgiving!), here is this week’s Friday’s Funny, care of our cartoonist Ben Hummel.

© 2008, Benjamin Hummel. To see more cartoons like this go to

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First batch of Founders Nights pics

Posted by on Nov 24 2009 | Events, Media, PPC

My web monkey told me that due to size constraints, we have to wait until Dec. 1st for the next batch of pictures. (Flickr size rules).

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Would Obama Care Kill Medical Innovation?

Posted by on Nov 23 2009 | Health Care, Media, PPC

Our recent trip to Canada in search of real people with real stories of Canada’s version of Obama Care inspired Reason Magazine. So much so, this new video on Obama Care gives a special thanks shout out to us. It shows that the profit motive is the main reason we (and the rest of the world) enjoy the medical innovation that saves so many lives. Cancer drugs, CT scans, MRI’s, etc are all a result of that evil word “profit.” Take a few minutes and watch this great video, and pay extra special attention to the Independence Institute shout out at the end.

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One on One with P.J. O’Rourke

Posted by on Nov 20 2009 | Idiot Box (TV Show)

Miss last night’s 25th Annual Founder’s Night?  Don’t fret, I was able to sit down with P.J. for this week’s episode of Independent Thinking!

On this week’s Independent Thinking, nationally recognized writer and political humorist P.J. O’Rourke joins me for a one on one conversation.  P.J. is the author of numerous books on politics including Parliament of Whores, Give War a Chance, and his latest, Driving Like Crazy.  So tune in to KBDI Channel 12 tonight at 8:30pm to find out who and what is currently funny in Washington DC.  Re-broadcast the following Monday at 1:30 pm.

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The 2nd Amendment Goes to Court (again)

Posted by on Nov 18 2009 | Kopelization, PPC, Second Amendment, U.S. Constitution

We all celebrated the 2008 Second Amendment Supreme Court decision in DC v. Heller. This narrow 5-4 victory for gun rights settled once and for all whether the right to own a firearm for self-defense was indeed an individual right. You’ll remember our Dave Kopel  sat at the counsel’s table to assist the oral argument, in addition to writing a crucial amicus brief in defense of the Second Amendment.

So what’s new in the fight for your right to keep and bear arms? Turns out, as critical as the Heller decision was in advancing the cause, it only settled whether we as United States citizens have an individual right to keep and bear arms; a right the federal government may not infringe. What it did not settle was whether that right could be infringed upon at the state level. (The District of Columbia, which was the focal point of the Heller decision, is a federal jurisdiction and not a state). In other words, is the Second Amendment incorporated into the 14th amendment via the Due Process clause or the Privileges or Immunities clause. If the Supreme Court decides it is, then no state can infringe its citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

This landmark Supreme Court case is McDonald v. Chicago. Good news is that lead counsel is once again Alan Gura, the man who won the victory in Heller. And once again, Dave Kopel has written an amicus brief on behalf of the Second Amendment. We shall see if this winning combination can strike gold twice. Dave joined me yesterday on to discuss where the case is at the moment, and the impact this decision will have.  After the Independence Institute’s amicus brief is filed on Monday, we’ll do a podcast discussing what’s in that brief.

Stay tuned!

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RTD’s Broken Promises

Posted by on Nov 13 2009 | Uncategorized

On this week’s Independent Thinking, Chuck Plunkett from the Denver Post and Kathleen Osher from the Transit Alliance join me to discuss the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) history of broken promises around FasTracks, and how much more, if any, tax dollars should go to continue the already over-budget and behind schedule FasTracks build out. Tune in to KBDI Channel 12 tonight at 8:30 PM. Re-broadcast the following Monday at 1:30 PM.

Here is the video we will be discussing on the show:

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The Joys of Socialized Medicine

Posted by on Nov 11 2009 | Health Care, PPC

Oh government controlled health care, how I love thee. Let me count the ways…

1. Forced to sleep in a lazyboy because of chronic pain, waiting 8 years to be treated, then finally escaping south to get surgery. Lovely.

2. Wearing diapers, using a walker, and addicted to morphine because of chronic back pain – all while 27 years old and waiting 3 years to be treated. Yay!

If you love Obama Care as much as I do, spread these stories around so that other people may be enlightened to the wonders of higher taxes, long queues, and a complete disregard for human life.

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Canada’s Version of Obama Care, part 2

Posted by on Nov 11 2009 | Health Care

Here is the second story we got from our Canadian Health Care Fact Finding Trip. It’s the true story of Lin Gilbert and her struggle to be cured from extreme, debilitating back pain.

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