Need a Gift for that Special Someone?

Posted by on Dec 14 2009 | Friday's Funny, PPC, Purely Personal

Our unbelievable cartoonist Ben Hummel has been cranking out great work for us for almost two years now. Unlike my days as a cartoonist drawing my strip called B Street, Ben can actually draw, spell, and be funny. It’s almost like Ben is the Kyle Orton to my Jay Cutler. Anyway, he’s produced some fantastic t-shirts with perhaps his most well-known ‘toon “Political Correctness” as the centerpiece. If you are still searching for that perfect gift for your own politically incorrect family member, friend, or co-worker, pick up a shirt from Ben here.

A note on shipping from Ben:

Shipping is standard USPS, slow boat, if you will, at $4.50 per shirt. If orders are made (I know that this is cutting it close) by December 17th, I can at least have the shirts produced by Christmas. Denver area customers may have to pick up the orders by hand, as USPS probably won’t get it there on time.

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  1. [...] us have not yet finished our shopping.  (no comment).  Let the Independence Institute help you.  My first suggestion was to purchase a great t-shirt from our awesome cartoonist Ben [...]

    16 Dec 2009 at 2:10 pm

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