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Econ Nerds Vindicated

Posted by on Feb 04 2010 | Economics

Keeping with the theme of econ nerds and their love of the dismal science, I wanted to share this fantastic video with you.  It’s called “My Friend Sarah” and it tells the story of a young woman with a big heart who, through no fault of her own, was exposed to economics and…

It’s funny what a little economics education will do. Which reminds me, Sarah could have achieved her same love for free markets by attending our Free People, Free Markets class.

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Econ Nerds Rejoice, part 2

Posted by on Feb 01 2010 | Economics, Media

I alerted the econ nerds out there last week to this Hayek vs. Keynes rap video. Here’s a little something extra to enjoy in between your readings of Friedman and Mises: Resident PhD economist Paul Prentice appeared on the Jim Pfaff Show last October to discuss the moral basis for free market capitalism. You can find the whole program’s audio file here.

Additionally, Paul’s appearance is a good baseline for what our Free People, Free Markets class is all about – the philosophical, moral, and political principles of the free market system. If Paul’s interview piques your interest, please contact Mary by email or phone (303.279.6536) to sign up for our next class.

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