Defend Colorado from Obama Care!

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Statement by Independence Institute President Jon Caldara
March 21, 2010

On Sunday night the US House of Representatives passed what we call “Obama-care.” This is one of the darkest moments in American history. The federal government has taken a large step towards control of our healthcare, and with it control of our very bodies. The federal government is taking away our decisions over health insurance and, unprecedented in history, forcing citizens to purchase private products, ultimately under penalty of incarceration.

We at the Independence Institute refuse to watch this atrocity corrode the quality of healthcare in Colorado. For months we have been at work bringing forward an amendment to the Colorado Constitution to preserve as a basic human right our “Right to Health Care Choice.” It is my goal to make Colorado a sanctuary state for quality healthcare.

This citizens’ initiative is very close to the petition stage. Soon we will need as many volunteer petition gatherers as possible. We will also need funding to wage this battle. I ask you, right now, to donate to our fight. I desperately need your talents, your time, and your resources to protect Colorado from this affront coming from DC. We can stop Washington.

Read the amendment here.

Give us your contact info to help gather signatures.

And please donate to this fight here. And please don’t wait.

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  1. Jer

    Where can I sign a petition supporting your suggested law suit to keep Washington’s Obama-care out of Colorado?

    Will you link to that eventually? Or can you share contacts, etc, of places, people we can go to to sign such?

    Thank You!

    24 Mar 2010 at 11:28 am

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