Our Constitution Does Not Permit ObamaCare

Posted by on Nov 19 2010 | Commerce Clause, Health Care, PPC, Tenth Amendment, The Founders, U.S. Constitution

Remember when I told you a few days back that “extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence?” Our resident constitutional law scholar and senior fellow Professor Rob Natelson agrees with me. As Rob puts it in this insightful article featured in both the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Denver Daily News, the Constitution’s commerce power does not permit ObamaCare. (Nor does anything else in the constitution for that matter). Rob’s article is really worth a read. Even if you think you know everything about our constitution, this article will enlighten you. It’s unfortunate the ObamaCare apologists will close their eyes and plug their ears to all of Rob’s evidence. It’s better when you don’t know these stubborn facts right?

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