Weekend Wrap: Independence Institute Writers In The News

Posted by on Feb 28 2011 | education, Health Care, Media, PPC

From progressive income taxes to pre-existing conditions and from public sector unions to health care freedom, Independence Institute writers have been a busy bunch as of late. Let’s get to it.

In the Sunday Denver Post perspective page, Independence Institute president Jon Caldara goes toe to toe with Carol Hedges from the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute over a proposed ballot initiative to implement, among other things, a progressive (read higher) state income tax in Colorado. In his piece, Caldara reminisces a bit about the 1980s and reminds us all why we got rid of the progressive income tax (and our mullets) here in the first place.

Over at Pajamas Media, Independence Institute health care blogger Brian Schwartz explains how to cover Americans with pre-existing medical conditions (and here’s a hint: it’s not through ObamaCare). If that’s not enough Schwartz for you, check out Brian on public sector unions at the Boulder Daily Camera in his capacity as an editorial advisory board member.

Then at the Bismarck Tribune, Independence Institute constitutional scholar Rob Natelson makes the case that a proposed “health care freedom” amendment to the North Dakota constitution is a fine idea that would, among other things, “send a strong message to Congress and the president that North Dakotans value their freedom.”

Last, but seldom least, Independence Institute education policy analyst Ben DeGrow is quoted in this CNBC.com article on public sector unions in Colorado as compared to those in wisconsin.

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