Budget, Fiscal Policy Debate

Posted by on May 04 2011 | Citizens' Budget, Economics, Economy, Government Largess, PPC, TABOR, Taxes

Last week our resident economist and Health Care Policy director Linda Gorman went to UC-Denver to debate Carol Hedges on our state budget hole. Typical with any debate on state funding and public services, the arguments eventually boiled down to what each person believed ought to be funded and provided by government. In other words, a “what’s the role of government” type debate. I want you to watch the debate because it is important we understand the real arguments on the other side. Too often we write blog posts mowing down caricatures and argue amongst ourselves using strawmen we’ve created of the other side. In the video however, you’ll see Carol Hedges accurately represents what many on her side feel, using arguments she genuinely and sincerely believes in. It’s imperative we be able to reply to these real talking points. Granted, being sincere doesn’t make you right. And as you’ll see, Linda does a superb job of articulating our stance to a room full of people who fundamentally disagree with her (and us). I might be biased, but I think she comes out ahead in the end. And she gets extra brownie points for bringing up our Citizens’ Budget project!

PS – You need to have a movie player like VLC in order to watch the video. Unfortunately the video link we got from the presentation requires VLC (download it here) or a similar movie player. I wish it were a simple .mov file or something :(

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