Simple Majority, Super Irony

Posted by on May 12 2011 | Petition Rights, PPC

Finally some good news came out of the general assembly yesterday, the final day of this year’s legislative session. By the skin of our teeth, we Coloradans dodged the “Son of Ref O,” also known as SCR-001. As you might remember, this Senate resolution was aimed at limiting our right to petition our government, which stands as the people’s safety valve against an out of control legislature. Among other traps against our petition process, SCR-001 would have required a super-majority of 60% to pass an amendment on the ballot. A super-majority requirement in the past would have prevented great things like TABOR and term limits from passing. But more importantly, requiring a super-majority for constitutional amendments does nothing to change the simple majority that exists to chip away at things like our taxpayer bill of rights. Catch my drift? 60% to pass, but 50% + 1 to undue constraints on government.

Notice in the Durango Herald article this quote,

Supporters might try to put it on the ballot through a citizens’ campaign, said Sen. Ellen Roberts, R-Durango, a co-sponsor of the measure.

Oh really? Because the resolution died this legislative session, you’d like to put in on this November’s ballot where it could pass with just a simple 50% + 1 majority? Back in my English literature class, we learned that’s called irony.

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