Natelson Drives Large, Rusty Stake Into Heart of TABOR Lawsuit

Posted by on May 31 2011 | Constitutional History, Constitutional Law,, Petition Rights, PPC, TABOR, Taxes

Let’s put another stake in Herb Fenster’s TABOR lawsuit shall we? As if there weren’t enough stakes in the heart of this silly lawsuit, we’ve got perhaps the largest, most rusty stake yet courtesy of Senior Fellow Rob Natelson. As you might remember, Vincent Carroll cited Rob many times in his Denver Post editorial on the TABOR lawsuit, but we did not get a chance to hear directly from Rob himself until his post on his blog here and then this Colorado Springs Gazette guest column, TABOR Does Not Violate the U.S. Constitution. There is no greater authority on the founding era understanding of terms, phrases, legal jargon, and our Constitution than Rob Natelson. His op-ed rips the lawsuit to pieces and leaves the reader knowing that the founders had no beef with TABOR (nor our initiative and referendum process). Additionally, Rob sat down with one of my minions to do an podcast on this subject. You can listen to that podcast over on

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