Are You Serious and Mature Like Your Fellow “Defaulters?”

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Oh Diana. We know economics isn’t one of your strong suits, but at least think a little harder before you parrot irrational talking points. Like the good Keynesian she is, Congresswoman Diana DeGette continues to push the popular and fallacious narrative of debt ceiling default. Here is what she had to say in the North Denver Tribune,

To avoid defaulting on our obligations and sending the world economy into a tailspin, we must raise the debt limit by August 2nd.

I talked about this last week and made the point that although this false narrative is winning the popularity contest, it is still magnificently illogical. The strategy of, let’s call them “defaulters,” is to scare the daylights out of the American public with talks of an impending economic doom if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. It’s quite likely you’ve heard a dozen catastrophic doomsday scenarios from various political pundits and politicians. Diana DeGette takes the typical doom and gloom talking points, but adds her own unique twist: asserting “defaulters” as mature adults looking for compromise, and the opposition as immature little children holding onto to principles with deadly consequences.

For example, are you “serious” and “mature” like Diana?

If they resisted the extreme urgings of some in their party to hold out for unpalatable concessions on budget cuts, serious policymakers in the center could hammer out bi-partisan solutions and mature policy decisions.

Apparently, I’m neither serious nor mature. In fact, I think it’s very unserious of Diana to suggest that we balance the budget without touching the 2 biggest items in the budget: Social Security and Medicare. I bet the immature folks over at Reason Magazine would agree. They’ve been hammering back against this silly narrative for awhile now and just released a short and completely unserious video, “3 Reasons Why the Debt Ceiling Debate is Full of Malarkry.” Gosh, if only they knew about the mature adults taking a serious position on this issue.

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    02 Aug 2011 at 8:56 am

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