If You Hold the Sword, You Can’t Hold the Purse

Posted by on Aug 02 2011 | debt, Economics, Economy, Government Largess, iVoices.org, PPC, U.S. Constitution

Even though the whole debt ceiling fiasco is on its way out, I want to point this iVoices.org podcast in your direction. Last week a new narrative emerged from the debt ceiling = default storyline. It advanced the idea that the president could raise the debt ceiling unilaterally – Congress be damned! As you might have guessed, our constitutional scholar Professor Rob Natelson had some serious constitutional issues with this narrative. It’s no accident that the president does not enjoy both the power of the “sword” and the power of the “purse” at the same time. The Founders rightfully feared a president who was both commander and chief and guardian of the nation’s checkbook. Thus, the idea that President Obama could raise the debt ceiling by himself would have angered (and frightened) the Founders. Professor Rob Natelson addressed this issue in a blogpost on constitution.i2i.org and in this iVoices.org podcast.

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