Channel 7 Likes Us!

Posted by on Aug 03 2011 | education, PPC, Religion and the Law

Along with the completely insane Lobato education case, this week marked the beginning of the legal battle over Douglas County’s school voucher program. The suit was brought by the ACLU and “concerned” parents. They are asking a Denver judge to block the program, or in legalese – grant an injunction. 7NEWS is covering the courtroom drama with this report and video. Take a look at who they interview on the side of the voucher program. None other than Diana Oakley herself, who we featured in our Douglas County voucher program video! Not only that, they included our footage in their TV broadcast! How flattering. You can watch their broadcast in the video they have embedded in their report.

A big thanks to 7NEWS for picking up on our video and for finding Diana Oakley to share her compelling story. More people need to find out about kids like Nathaniel Oakley who cannot learn well in one size fits all education. This program can save kids like him.

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  1. Diana Oakley

    Thank you Jon for allowing Nathaniel to be a part of it. We continue to stand by our School Choice Scholarship. Nathaniel LOVES his new school and the Humanex Academy has graciously said they will wait on the money.

    17 Aug 2011 at 6:23 am

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