The “Economic Silent Spring”

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In a perfect world, our queen MAD (Mothers Against Debt) Mom Amy Oliver would be the 21st century’s Rachel Carson. And I don’t mean that in the environmental way. What Rachel Carson did in 1962 with her book Silent Spring was to start a worldwide environmental movement. The book helped launch the ban on DDT. Turns out that DDT was not the evil pesticide it was portrayed as, and banning it actually kills millions of people who suffer from malaria. (oops) Despite being wrong and extremely deadly, Rachel Carson and her book were able to sound the alarm, get activists fired up, change policies, and set in motion a movement that lasts some 40 years later.

Although Amy Oliver doesn’t have a book (yet), she is on a mission to kick start a movement to get activists fired up and policies changed. In this Townhall op-ed, Amy outlines her version of the Silent Spring – what she calls our “Economic Silent Spring.”

Right now every man, woman and child in the United States is shackled with more than $46,700 of national debt and that does not include interest or unfunded liabilities such as Medicare and Social Security. Assuming we continue down the superhighway of spending, by 2015 every child in America and their parents will owe more than $70,000 each according to the U.S. Debt Clock.

Debt is the new DDT. But unlike the harmless pesticide, debt is toxic. As it grows and grows it poisons our children’s future. Amy’s plea for less spending and a brighter future for our kids is not going unnoticed. Mothers Against Debt is getting bigger each day (like our debt). More Moms are coming to understand the danger in having policies that promote the “spend now, leave bill for later” lifestyle of Washington, DC. After all, the bills we are accruing at an unprecedented rate are neatly stacking up in each and every baby cradle across the country. Forget your kid’s impending college debt. They’re already tens of thousands in the hole before they take their first class.

If Amy gets her way, the Economic Silent Spring will start a movement that lasts over 40 years and changes business as usual in Washington. Help Amy ban wreckless debt. Join Mothers Against Debt today.

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