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Posted by on Aug 16 2011 | Constitutional Law, debt, energy, Environment, Government Largess, Health Care, Idiot Box (TV Show), obamacare, PPC, U.S. Constitution

Few things I want to highlight real quick:

Editorial page editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette Wayne Laugesen was kind enough to write a little blurb about and link to the show we did a couple weeks ago. We talked about the horribly fallacious campaign to smear the Springs with deputy director of the Colorado chapter of Americans For Prosperity Sean Paige.

While we’re on the topic of the Gazette, make sure to check out the Reason Foundation’s Colorado kid wonder Harris Kenny in his op-ed, Colorado Should be Wary of Handouts to Hollywood.

Over on our Environmental Policy page, Amy Oliver shows us once again how much green it takes to be green. Both taxpayers and ratepayers will find their wallets just a bit lighter because of this. Additionally, over on Townhall.com Amy has a little fun with our national debt. Guess how many Superbowl tickets you could buy with our national debt? You’ll have to check out Amy’s article to find out.

Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson shares his thoughts on the most recent ruling against Obamacare on his blog, constitution.i2i.org. That unconstitutional individual mandate just can’t catch a break these days…

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