The Terribly Dangerous Right on Red Phenomena

Posted by on Nov 09 2011 | Government Largess, PPC

There’s just something refreshing about Vincent Carroll’s writing. It’s clear, it flows well, it’s to the point, and clever all at the same time. I wish I could do what he does. Hell, I’d take doing it half as well. Look at his latest piece in the Denver Post’s opinion section on red light cameras. I love how he sets up his argument with the, “photo-radar system is working just fine if you believe….” x, y, and z preposterous propositions. Then he puts the punch behind his argument with statistics from reports from the likes of Fox 31′s Heidi Hemmat, CBS4′s Rick Sallinger, and our very own investigative reporter Todd Shepherd. Todd released his own report yesterday on one day’s worth of red light tickets at the intersection of 36th and Quebec. Turns out, a full 94% of the tickets issued “were written to vehicles in the right lane” and “many, if not most, were turning or preparing to turn right on red.” In Vincent’s words, the system is working great if you believe a car making a right on red is one notch less dangerous than driving drunk.

Ultimately, Vincent believes we should do away with these transparent attempts at generating some easy revenue. The facts indicate that they do not make us any safer, and as Vincent points out, nor do they make our governments much richer.

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