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Posted by on Feb 27 2012 | education, Health Care, PPC, privacy

Freeing Colorado’s cottage food entrepreneurs, medical privacy snatching bureaucrats, and new teacher effectiveness evaluations are all topics of recently published opinion pieces by Independence Institute writers.

In the Denver Post, Krista Kafer explains that lawmakers have an opportunity to pass “one sweet piece” of cottage foods legislation. Writes Krista:

Commendably, two Colorado legislators, Sen. Gail Schwartz and Rep. Laura Bradford have advanced bills through their respective chambers to allow cottage food commerce. In order to allow Coloradans the greatest freedom to buy and sell homemade wares, the legislature should send a bill to the governor that contains the strengths of both bills.

Read the whole sweet thing here.

In the Colorado Springs Gazette, Linda Gorman and Amy Oliver Cooke make the case for repealing Colorado’s medical privacy snatching All Claims Payer Database. According to Linda and Amy:

Colorado officials have no business forcing people to choose between medical care and exposing their personal lives to hackers, busybody bureaucrats, and commercial interests. Nor do they have any business increasing the cost of health care by requiring those who pay for their own health care to participate in the latest database boondoggle.

Read all about it here.

In the Summit Daily, Ben DeGrow gives a thumbs-up to the recently passed educator effectiveness evaluation law, Colorado’s House Bill 1001.

While the process may be moving forward more slowly than many would like, positive steps have been taken. Teachers will have to earn and keep tenure protections by demonstrating effectiveness, and seniority no longer can trump performance as a factor in lay-offs. Principals as instructional leaders will share accountability with classroom teachers for promoting student growth, which must make up at least half of educator evaluations.

Read the whole thing here.

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