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Posted by on Mar 08 2012 | Capitol Crazies, PPC, Purely Personal

The last thing Governor Hickenlooper wants is for me to come to his defense, ever. Sorry John, I just gotta.  As a guy who has his foot in his mouth so often I can tell if socks are cotton or poly-bend just by taste, I have to say Hick’s amusing slip about the mayor’s wife in the shower is not only no big deal, it’s, well, funny. Reading that black ministers are demanding a public apology for a joke that was clearly meant as a compliment just proves that the humorless and prudish keep reproducing. (And doesn’t that act take at least some appreciation of slapstick? I can show you pictures.)

Given my proclivity for endless sophomoric sex jokes (thus the Independence Institute motto – Come for the Public Policy, Stay for the Sexual Harassment), I know what it is like to unintentionally offend social moralists. Fortunately they always forgive my addiction to junior high raunch. (Great thing about Christians – ask for forgiveness and they give it. Try that with the IRS.)  But at some point they really need to kick back and understand that while they may be uptight about adult humor, and they have every right to be as uptight as they like, the rest of us are not. In fact, most of us enjoy a good yuck, even if it’s a little naughty. Nudge nudge, wink wink. And it’s time for them to turn the other cheek (Holding back a butt joke here).

And while there will be folks who are offended by just about any joke, the whole idea of liberty is the acceptance that other people will value different things, well, differently. We free-marketeers yack about this all the time – don’t force us to use the light bulbs you think are best for us, don’t ban the trans fat that we might wish to enjoy, yadda, yadda. We understand that only smug we-know-how-you-should-live elitists insist on what our values must be. While politically correct leftists are renown for their lack of giggles (how many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb – ONE DAMN IT, JUST ONE!), many social conservatives are too. And it breaks my heart when conservatives of any stripe share the up-tightness of collectivists.

As for the Guv, Hick please don’t apologize and certainly don’t second-guess your well intentioned, off-the-cuff comments. I hate that you are such a popular politician; and I am not looking forward to when you use your lovable, ah-shucks personality to pimp yet another tax increase (oh yes, it is coming). But your sense of humor is one of your greatest political assets. Don’t let a couple of hyper-sensitive prudes pressure you into self-censorship. Self-censorship is to only be experienced by Republican students on college campuses.

Oh, and Guv, welcome to my world.

P.S. If anyone is interested in me in the shower, the mayor’s wife has pictures.         (Um, that’s a joke.)

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