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Posted by on Apr 03 2012 | Constitutional Law, Corporate Welfare, energy, Environment, guns, Health Care, health control law, obamacare, PPC, Self-Defense

Stand your ground laws, water rights, health care cost-shifting, the folly of wind energy tax credits and the Medicaid mandates in Obamacare are all topics of recently published opinion works by Independence Institute writers.

In the Washington Times, research director Dave Kopel debunks some of the myths that have sprung up around ‘stand your ground’ laws in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida. Writes Dave: “The assertion that Florida law allows shooting whenever someone believes it to be necessary is a flat-out lie.”

Read the whole thing here.

In the Greeley Tribune, senior fellow in water policy Craig Green explains how a couple of proposed Colorado ballot initiatives “would confiscate the water rights of cities, water districts, farmers, and ranchers.”

Check it out here.

In the Boulder Daily Camera, health care research associate and blogger Brian Schwartz points out the dishonest “cost-shifting” argument made by proponents of government run health care such as the Colorado Trust. Writes Brian: “Don’t be fooled. Mandatory insurance isn’t about personal responsibility or reducing cost-shifting. It’s about using politically-controlled health plans to advance political control of your medical care.”

Whole thing here.

In the Pueblo Chieftain, energy policy center director Amy Oliver and research associate Michael Sandoval make the case against the wind energy tax credit: “We disagree with the majority and wonder why Americans should subsidize Colorado’s green fantasy and a resource that is neither practical nor economically viable.”

Read it all here.

At Health Policy Solutions, constitutional scholar Rob Natelson explains that the Medicaid mandates in Obamacare are unconstitutional, writing: “What few people know is that the Medicaid mandates are, if anything, even more constitutionally dubious than the individual mandate. That’s why Colorado’s Independence Institute has taken the unusual step of filing a brief urging the court to overturn them.”

Whole thing here.

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