Yes, Numbers Look Smaller When You Subtract 1/3

Posted by on Nov 02 2012 | education, PPC, Taxes

The education funding mafia is making a sport of touting false education spending numbers in order to scare voters into voting for higher taxes. They continue to spread the lie that Colorado ranks near the bottom in per pupil funding, and often cite the statistic “$6,500 per pupil.” Meanwhile, if they cared to look at the official numbers from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), they’d find that the $6,500 figure does not include federal funds and other monies, which account for about a third of total per pupil spending. In other words, the actual per pupil spending is much closer to $10,000 – not $6,500. These dishonest propagandists either know the truth about Colorado’s education spending and are lying to get their beloved tax hike, or they haven’t bothered to look at what the spending situation is – according to official statistics from the CDE.

Below you can find Education Policy analyst Ben DeGrow explaining the truth about Colorado’s education spending on 9News. Please share with the education spending mafia near you. We need to get the truth out.

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    05 Nov 2012 at 12:44 pm

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