Dave Defends Guns in DC

Posted by on Jan 29 2013 | AR-15, guns, Kopelization, Second Amendment, U.S. Constitution

Our Second Amendment expert, Dave Kopel, has never been in more demand than he is right now. As the well-fueled hysteria against the Bill of Rights is at full throttle, voices of reason are being overrun. We are certain reason can prevail when we cut through the emotion of panic that the gun-grabbers feed on. Dave is the antidote to that panic. I invite you to see him in action.

The US Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hear from five witnesses who are authorities on firearms, gun violence, and public safety. Dave will be one of the five testifying in Washington DC tomorrow morning at 8am MST.

Along with reading a prepared statement, witnesses will be fielding Q and A from the committee. Gun owners are lucky to have Dave defending their Second Amendment rights in our nation’s capitol. If anyone can make headway with DC bureaucrats, it’s Dave.

You can watch Dave on TV via CNN and via the Internet on C-SPAN this Wednesday morning at 8am.

You can also arm yourself with the truth on this hot issue by visiting his web page DaveKopel.com

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