You Can’t Draw Away Scarcity

Posted by on Feb 07 2013 | Economics, Transparency, Transportation

Why on earth does an artist’s rendition of some future utopia merit public policy debate?

Recently, an artist drew a pretty picture of what he imagined high-speed rail could look like in a utopian United States. Why is it utopia you ask? Because only in a utopian world without scarcity could the sparsely populated United States sustain high-speed rail. However, in our current world with scarce resources, high-speed rail can only exist in pretty pictures and in thick red ink on government expense sheets. It is simply not a profitable venture, which is why you see private resources staying far away from rail transit. Nevertheless, big government does not shy away from big losses like the private sector. I can see the slogan now, “No loss is too big to scare us away!”

9News came by the Independence Institute offices the other day to get my thoughts on the whole issue. You can watch the video here, or below in the player.

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  1. Chuck

    The more I hear, and see actions, on gun control the more our Constitutional rights are slowly neutered. Sure, you can own guns but you can’t get ammunition. I wonder how much of gov’t gun control goes back to Athens, TN 1946 and the “Battle of Athens”. I’ve heard the one thing the USSR feared if they ever invade the USA was private gun ownership.

    Gun control by the Democrats is not about public safety but rather the ability of the Left to slowly take more and greater control by emotional compromise. Even Joe Biden is in Colorado bullying STATE Democrats to follow the federal party line.

    Look at the Constitutional that are being perverted: 1st, 2nd, 10th, 12th. The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th have been promised to enemy combatants yet it is now OK to use drones with Hellfire missiles on US citizens if there is a possibility they may be terrorist leaders – shoot first, ask questions later. Call me a proud “Birther” but where is it that proof is REQUIRED for sentors and POTUS to be on a ballot? Guess you could say I am just as qualified to fly commercial jets never having to produce certification from flight school. Yet, for any job in the USA I need to fill out a validated gov’t required I-9 form with acceptable ID. No need to discuss voter ID…

    “Immigration reform” is about more voters for the Left.

    Nanny state entitlements are designed build a lasting voting base.

    Personal freedom comes at the cost of personal accountability and responsibility. Too many people in America, citizens and illegal aliens, are willing to give up freedom for domination by a handful that are nothing special except they crave narcissistic control over others eventually ending in self-destruction of all. I give you Greece and the USSR as prime examples, even ancient Greece bankrupted themselves into collapse.

    The Right has encouraged peaceful change back to Constitutional law. It isn’t working especially as long as the Left controls public education, and now Obama pushes for gov’t education indoctrination to 4 year olds with the same “K-12″ type teachers, re: NEA/unions.

    Meanwhile, the Left has gone violent, demanding and throwing tantrums until their will and PC is heeded. Unfortunately, the Left’s approach is working just as it did for Lenin and his “useful idiots”, and we saw what that revolution to utopia created, as it does each time: Cuba, North Korea, China, 1930s Germany (BTW, “Cabaret” was based on true events in 1930s Germany), etc.

    I do fear we have gone over the Left edge and the US Constitution will be regarded as an historical document to be marveled at, not followed, like the Magna Carta. Gun control is a tenant, as is socialized medical care, in the Left’s playbook. Logic and reason are no match for emotion and PC which drives the Left’s agenda. Add to this the “mainstream media” with their Pravda-style reporting. I fear it is Checkmate.

    16 Feb 2013 at 11:07 am

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