A Question For Colorado State Senator Lucia Guzman

Posted by on Feb 27 2013 | guns, Politics, PPC

Dear Senator Guzman,

A recent piece in the Denver Post quotes you as supporting Colorado House Bill 1224, which recently passed out of the House of Representatives and which says, in part, that it is okay to manufacture magazines that hold more than 15 bullets in Colorado and sell them out of state, but not here in Colorado. In other words, a magazine that holds more then 15 bullets is bad (and soon to be criminal) when purchased and owned by a Coloradan, but okay when manufactured in Colorado but purchased and owned by someone outside the borders of our state. As one of your constituents, I am curious how you reconcile that glaring inconsistency to the point you are willing to see the bill made into law?


Mike Krause
Constituent, Colorado Senate District 34

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