Court Rules in Favor of DougCo Families

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Children win in Douglas County!

What makes the Independence Institute so very different is that we play the long game. The left has been playing this game for decades and they are collecting their winnings now, while the right seems to be in a perpetual, panicked two-minute, hurry-up offensive.

I often say that Einstein was wrong. Compound interest is not the most powerful force in the universe. Political incrementalism is. Political victory doesn’t come like a winning lotto ticket. It comes after thousands of nearly imperceptible and seemingly disconnected steps.

The team here that makes up our Educational Policy Center are black-belts in this. Pam Benigno, Ben and Marya DeGrow, and Raaki Garcia-Ulam are a quiet, consistent, steady force that finds the tiniest opportunities to advance educational reform. Then over time big things happen. Since our founding, the Independence Institute has been working on education issues and we have seen Charter Schools, the School Report Card System, Open Enrollment, and Online Education come alive to name a few.

Another big thing has just become real.

Along with a number of local community members and school leaders, Pam and Ben served on the Douglas County School Choice Task Force that helped craft a number of district policies. One of the most exciting was made real in March of 2011 when the school board unanimously approved a daring choice program. It provided 500 students with public scholarships to attend a partner private school. This would help students who were underserved by the traditional schools. It was a first in the nation.

Well of course the teachers unions front group sued and was granted a permanent injunction on this program. Today the Colorado Court of Appeals overturned that order. For more information see our media release here.

Like so many other advances to help children in Colorado, I am so proud of Pam and Ben’s part in this victory for Colorado kids.

As we say here often: Freedom is a team sport.

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  1. “HUGE Victory” is an accurate description –
    in fact, the court’s ruling, in finding the Douglas County School Choice Scholarship Program (CSP) constitutional contra EVERY claim brought by plaintiffs, makes it likely to survive the next level.
    To understand why, read the analysis by Clear the Bench Colorado:

    01 Mar 2013 at 9:34 pm

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