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Continuing the Gun Rights Road Show

Posted by on Jun 28 2013 | AR-15, Events, Gun shows, guns, Second Amendment, The Founders, U.S. Constitution

We’ve been all over this beautiful state on our antiques road show Colorado and the Second Amendment road show featuring lead attorney and Second Amendment scholar Dave Kopel and various sheriffs. However, there are two more locations we’ve just added to our list: Morgan and Douglas Counties.

We will be in Morgan County on Wednesday, July 17th. For more details and to RSVP ($5), go here. Check out the event flyer here.

We will be in Douglas County on Thursday, July 18th. For more details and to RSVP ($5), go here. Check out the event flyer here.

So far we’ve sold out every place we’ve been, so don’t wait to RSVP online!

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27 Ways Obamacare Increases Our Premiums

Posted by on Jun 27 2013 | Health Care, health control law, obama, obamacare, Regulation, Taxes

Serious question: Is there any reasonable person out there who truly believes that ObamaCare will reduce health care costs and insurance premiums? And by reasonable, I mean someone who can point to some evidence for their belief, not just some command and control fanboy. After all, even Jonathan Gruber, one of Obama’s architects for the health control law, admits that health insurance premiums in Colorado would rise 19% under ObamaCare.

It seems so obvious to those of us who understand the most basic of economics. When you centralize an entire industry and impose a top-down scheme of price controls and subsidies, the once functioning market place no longer functions. Why? Because free people are not acting freely anymore. Individuals within that scheme are no longer making free choices. Therefore, there is no market. It’s just a bunch of people being forced to buy and sell goods and services. Forcing is not trading.

It’s no wonder that under these circumstances health insurance premiums in Colorado will rise under ObamaCare. Health Care Policy Center director Linda Gorman gives 27 concrete reasons why this is the case in her new Issue Backgrounder. Or as she likes to put it, “Here are 27 specific reasons why the law is the problem.”

Please share this information with the people you know who are still skeptical about the destructive effects of ObamaCare. Show them the difference between a functioning market and top-down central planning.

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Do You Know Why Coolidge Matters?

Posted by on Jun 20 2013 | Events, Political Ignorance, Politics

Calvin Coolidge is just now getting the recognition he deserves some 18 years after the end of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.” Go figure. The reason might be that America in the 1920s has real similarities to America today. Unlike our current President, Coolidge stood up to the left and shrank the size of government.

We invite you to learn about the president grade school teachers barely mention in history class. Charles C. Johnson has just authored Why Coolidge Matters and he’ll be visiting us on June 26 at 5:30PM at the Independence Institute offices. Please come listen to the Coolidge story, which might, might make you place him slightly higher than Reagan on your list of great presidents. And find out why he is the only one that sees that tiger come to life. RSVP here:

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Taking the Gun Show on the Road

Posted by on Jun 03 2013 | Events, guns, Kopelization, Second Amendment, U.S. Constitution

Our Second Amendment event last week in Colorado Springs was a HUGE success. We were surprised how enthusiastic the crowd was to hear Dave Kopel and company (sheriffs) discuss gun rights in Colorado and why we’re suing the state. We had such big turnouts at both our Denver and Colorado Springs events, we decided to take the show on the road. After all, our lawsuit addresses the anti-gun bills that hold firearms and magazines hostage throughout the entire state. It’s only appropriate that we hear from folks outside the Denver and front range area.


First up, next Wednesday, June 12th we will be in Glenwood Springs to hear from the good folks in Garfield County (flyer here for details). This night out will feature Dave Kopel and three county sheriffs – Garfield’s Lou Vallario, Weld’s John Cooke, and Larimer’s Justin Smith – presenting on the Second Amendment in Colorado and our fight against the new anti-gun bills. It’s only $5 to attend and you can sign up online or by calling us at 303-279-6536.

After Glenwood Springs, we’ll be heading to Delta County the next day in an event featuring Kopel and Larimer Sheriff Justin Smith, plus a couple new faces – Delta Sheriff Fred McKee and Montrose Sheriff Rick Dunlap. That’s Thursday, June 13th at the Delta County Center for Performing Arts and Education. For details, see the flyer here. You can purchase tickets and RSVP online here or give us a call at 303-279-6536.

That’s Glenwood Springs on Wednesday, June 12th and Delta on Thursday the 13th. Don’t miss these events!

I wouldn’t wait too long to purchase tickets. There are many more people interested than are seats available. RSVP today!

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