Do You Know Why Coolidge Matters?

Posted by on Jun 20 2013 | Events, Political Ignorance, Politics

Calvin Coolidge is just now getting the recognition he deserves some 18 years after the end of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.” Go figure. The reason might be that America in the 1920s has real similarities to America today. Unlike our current President, Coolidge stood up to the left and shrank the size of government.

We invite you to learn about the president grade school teachers barely mention in history class. Charles C. Johnson has just authored Why Coolidge Matters and he’ll be visiting us on June 26 at 5:30PM at the Independence Institute offices. Please come listen to the Coolidge story, which might, might make you place him slightly higher than Reagan on your list of great presidents. And find out why he is the only one that sees that tiger come to life. RSVP here:

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