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Unfair and Overpriced: Billion Dollar Tax Hike Hell

Posted by on Aug 28 2013 | Capitol Crazies, education, Taxes

If there wasn’t a good enough reason already to be opposed to Amendment 66, also known as the billion dollar take away, senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow provides some solid proof in this Independence Institute Issue Backgrounder – Amendment 66: Unfair and Overpriced. Here’s a little something to whet your appetite,

Amendment 66 promises to redistribute wealth and create new inequities rather than to provide better operation of schools and delivery of instruction. Starting at a billion dollars per year, Colorado parents and other taxpayers deserve more.

Here’s the PDF file.

Read it, print it out (one page, front and back), and share with everyone you know who cares to keep their money.

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The Sickness in Our Souls Challenge

Posted by on Aug 26 2013 | guns, Idiot Box (TV Show)

The John Morse campaign released an attack video saying I misrepresented his “sickness in our souls” insult of gun owners on my TV show “Devil’s Advocate”. Who knew he even watched?

Anyway, here is my response. Please pass it around to anyone you think might be interested.

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2013 ATF Party VIDEOS

Posted by on Aug 20 2013 | Events, Second Amendment, Video

In case you couldn’t attend this year’s Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Party this past Saturday, we have compiled videos of all the speakers below. (See the playlist here). I kicked things off and then handed it over to Weld County sheriff John Cooke who said a few words. Following Sheriff Cooke, Dave Kopel spoke about our lawsuit against the new gun laws and introduced this year’s keynote speaker – Cam Edwards. Cam has been the host for NRA News since its inception. And boy, can he give a speech!

My introduction followed by the sheriffs:

Dave Kopel

Cam Edwards

Audience Q & A

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VIDEO: Poetry and Constitutionalism

Posted by on Aug 06 2013 | Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional History, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, Idiot Box (TV Show), U.S. Constitution

To showcase just how diverse my TV show Devils Advocate is, this past Friday I had resident constitutional scholar Rob Natelson on and acclaimed performance poet Shawn Welcome on for 15 minutes each. Below you’ll find the shows:

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