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Wining, Women, and Weapons

Posted by on May 06 2014 | Events

Have you noticed that the sun is coming up earlier and staying out later? Well there’s a scientific reason – the Colorado legislative session is drawing to a close. There’s only one day left.

And you can tell it’s an election year because the Democratic controlled legislature did not attack our gun rights, massively increase our power costs with renewable mandates, open our voting system to even more mischief, or put a massive tax increase on the ballot. And hell, Governor Hickenlooper actually vetoed something this year! So, time to celebrate!

Well, around here we’ll use just about anything as an excuse to celebrate (read: “drink”). So next Wednesday, May 14th, the ladies of II are hosting another one of their “Wining with Women” parties (read: “drinking without men around to kill their buzz”). And the ladies’ very special guest speaker (read: “person to make this look like a legit event instead of a bunch of women chugging red wine like Slurpees”) is Julie Gunlock from the Independent Women’s Forum in DC.

Julie runs their Culture of Alarmism Project and is the author of From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Makes Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back. She’ll talk about how this culture of alarmism is weaving its way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives, making parents worry about common everyday products, food, and healthy activities. Her book encourages all Americans to have some perspective, use common sense, enjoy life, and to reject the culture of alarmism.

And Julie Gunlock’s last name should remind everyone to lock up their firearms before going to any alcohol-fueled event (read: “last time the women around here attacked the liquor cabinet they forced the male interns to do table dances at gun-point”).

RSVP online here or call Su at 303-279-6536, ext. 117.

In other news, we’re looking for some new male interns. To learn about our Future Leader’s Program contact

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