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How I am going to vote

Posted by on Oct 23 2008 | Amendment 49, Amendment 59, Government Largess, Purely Personal

People keep asking how I am going to vote on this fall’s ballot issues.  So I offer this up only as a way to show how I am going to vote personally – not as a call for you to vote this way, nor does this in any way represent the official views of the Independence Institute.  For links to the campaigns go to

46 – yes Government shouldn’t discriminate based on race.
47 – yes No one should be forced to pay tribute to a union to keep a job.
48 – no Too many unintended consequences, no exception for rape, incest, health of mother.
49 – yes Government shouldn’t be the bagman for lobbyists.
50 – yes If you don’t like gambling, don’t gamble, but don’t stop me.
51 – no Government has the money for the disabled if they prioritize.
52 – yes The roads need the cash, and we don’t need a tax increase.
54 – yes Government should put nearly all contracts out to bid.
58 – no We don’t need new taxes or higher gas prices.
59 – no Don’t destroy the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.
L – yes If you can drink at 21, you can run for office.
M – yes Obsolete provisions in constitution.
N – yes More obsolete provisions in constitution.
O – no Don’t take power from the people.

Now go out and vote.  And if you’re dead, vote twice.

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Colorado Amendment 59 Radio Debate

Posted by on Oct 06 2008 | Amendment 59

Senior Fellow Barry Poulson recently wrote, “Amendment 59 Gives the Education Lobby a Blank Check,” which outlines the reasons why if passed, Amendment 59 will forever stop TABOR refunds and eliminate most state budget constraints. Opponents, like State Treasurer Cary Kennedy, are quick to retort, “But it’s for the kids!!” Kids or not, Amendment 59 raises some tough fiscal issues that you can bet will be hatched out during tomorrow morning’s debate. Colorado Public Radio, channel 90.1 KCFR is hosting a debate during their “Colorado Matters” segment tomorrow morning at 10am, which will feature Barry Poulson sparring with Cary Kennedy on Amendment 59, TABOR’s deathblow. Internet streaming is available for those younger types who lack your standard issue radio.

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Penn Pfiffner on Colorado Amendment 59

Posted by on Sep 19 2008 | Amendment 59

Fiscal Policy Center director, and past President of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers Penn Pfiffner has been out and about talking with anyone who will listen about his concerns with Colorado Amendment 59.
Here he is giving the Rocky Mountain News his concerns:

Then Penn found himself being interviewed by Brad Jones of Face the State on 600 KCOL’s morning show.

Finally, Penn stepped into the booth with me to discuss the financial impact of Amendment 59, otherwise known as TABOR’s deathblow. Either click here or visit the webpage.

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Colorado Amendment 59: TABOR’s Deathblow

Posted by on Sep 18 2008 | Amendment 59

If Colorado’s budget were entering a death match like the classic video game Mortal Kombat, it would go a little something like this: Round 1 begins with Ref C and D squaring off against TABOR. TABOR sustains multiple blows from Ref D, but emerges victorious, but just barely. However, at that instant, Ref C comes flying in with a Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick that puts TABOR on the ground and bleeding badly. Round 2 begins with TABOR hurt and barely hanging onto life. TABOR cringes in pain and cries out for help. One person hears the plea and walks over. TABOR is relieved at first, but soon realizes that the man coming forward is none other than its biggest adversary: Andrew Romanoff! Not only that, Andrew is carrying the device that will end TABOR’s life… for good. With its one good eye, TABOR strains to see what’s in Andrew’s hand that will deliver the deathblow. It’s none other than Amendment 59: the education lobby’s blank check that will gut TABOR for good.

Barry Poulson’s new Issue Backgrounder discusses Amendment 59′s adverse effects on Colorado taxpayers – albeit in a less dramatic fashion that I did above. Barry shows that under the guise of helping kids and the education system, 59 will siphon all budget surpluses – money that would have gone back to taxpayers – to the State Education Fund. This will eliminate potential tax refunds indefinitely. Thereby finishing what Ref C started: the death of TABOR.

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They Want Even More of Your Hard Earned Money?

Posted by on Sep 11 2008 | Amendment 59, education, Government Largess

We told you so.  We told you that the tax and spend lobby would ask for more even if the massive tax increase known as Referendum C passed. Again this fall Coloradans will be asked to give up more of their hard earned tax dollars by gutting what’s left of TABOR.  Amendment 59 would allow the state to keep all TABOR tax refunds forever!  To discuss the ballot measure, economist Barry Poulson from the Independence Institute and State Senator Scott Renfroe join me on Independent Thinking. Once again those seeking more of your tax dollars either were unavailable or didn’t respond to our invitation to be a guest on the show.  Tune in this Thursday night to KBDI Channel 12 at 8:30 p.m. and repeated the following Tuesday evening at 5 p.m.

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