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Did You Know About Hick’s Time Machine?

Posted by on Sep 15 2014 | Capitol Crazies, guns, Video

So apparently Governor Hickenlooper owns a functioning time machine and the mainstream media is choosing not to report on this miracle of modern science.

Well, either he has a time machine or he is lying about talking to former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I’ll leave it up to you fine folks to figure out which it is.

Below you’ll find our latest IITV segment (just over 2 minutes long) titled, Governor Hickenlooper Has a Time Machine.

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Unfair and Overpriced: Billion Dollar Tax Hike Hell

Posted by on Aug 28 2013 | Capitol Crazies, education, Taxes

If there wasn’t a good enough reason already to be opposed to Amendment 66, also known as the billion dollar take away, senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow provides some solid proof in this Independence Institute Issue Backgrounder – Amendment 66: Unfair and Overpriced. Here’s a little something to whet your appetite,

Amendment 66 promises to redistribute wealth and create new inequities rather than to provide better operation of schools and delivery of instruction. Starting at a billion dollars per year, Colorado parents and other taxpayers deserve more.

Here’s the PDF file.

Read it, print it out (one page, front and back), and share with everyone you know who cares to keep their money.

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Statement on the Allegations Against David Kopel

Posted by on Mar 12 2013 | Capitol Crazies, guns, Kopelization, PPC, Second Amendment

The controversy surrounding my Research Director, David Kopel, has grown to the point where I feel I must comment officially.

Before I get to the allegations, let me say that I have known Dave for over two decades. I believe him to be a good man. Like all of us, he is not perfect. And like all of us, he has certainly made some decisions that, with the fullness of time, he might come to regret. Nevertheless, I am proud to call him a good friend and proud to stand with him during this time.

As you are aware, our Second Amendment rights are under assault not only on the national level but also here in Colorado. Dave Kopel is arguably the nation’s leading scholar on the right to keep and bear arms and he has been in high demand. He has never been more productive.

He has been all over the media setting the record straight and putting out the emotional fires of the anti-gun panic. You’ve seen him on CNN, FOX, BBC, PBS’s News Hour, MSNBC and more. You’ve read his work in publications ranging from the Denver Post to the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal.

More importantly, he has been hip-deep in the fight in the Colorado Legislature, meeting with lawmakers, testifying, and rewriting legislation. Senator Greg Brophy thanked him from the Senate floor for rewording part of the hideous magazine ban bill so at least it wouldn’t outlaw almost every shotgun in the state. On Friday, he spent the entire day and most of the night in the Senate Chambers advising lawmakers during their marathon debate.

So, it is little wonder that the ugly allegations against Dave have surfaced. How could David Kopel produce so much quality and impactful work over the last two months if he weren’t using performance enhancing drugs?

Let me make clear, it is not the policy of the Independence Institute, nor has it ever been, to condone juicing by any of its scholars.

Dave has been steadfast in his denials of using steroids, yet, as you have read in the papers, he refuses to submit to the same urine analysis that his other team members do. Curiously, for some reason, our investigative reporter Todd Shepherd submits urine samples hourly.

As for the observations that David’s cranium has expanded to the point of being bulbous, Dave insists that it is an illusion caused by his receding hairline.

All I can say for certain is that I stand by my friend and colleague. If he says his outstanding and wildly effective work has not been aided by performance enhancing drugs, then I for one believe him. And to him I say – Dave we love you whether you have or haven’t, and there is no shame to admit weakness.

There will never be an asterisk by your name in my book.

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VIDEOS: Unions and Uber on Devils Advocate

Posted by on Feb 26 2013 | Capitol Crazies, Idiot Box (TV Show), Transportation

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Legalizing Immorality

Posted by on Feb 21 2013 | Capitol Crazies, Civil Rights, Popular Culture, PPC

The Colorado Legislature is considering repealing a very old, unenforced law banning adultery and criminalizing innkeepers for renting rooms to unmarried couples. Looking for a trusted leader of morality and virtue in our community, the sponsor of the bill repealing the law asked me to testify for it.

Let me make very clear that the Independence Institute doesn’t wade into social issues and has no official stance on the bill. So allow me to speak solely for myself on this issue.

There are busloads of married women who wish to sleep with me but are prevented from doing so solely by this outdated law. Binders full of them. And no, this is not just bravado speaking. In some of their applications for restraining orders against me they have mentioned this law specifically.

Oh yes, there is a limited government argument here as well. Having laws on the books that are not enforced leaves them open to abuse, to be used for selective harassment. The law, and its enforcement, should apply to all, not just to a few. Inn-keepers shouldn’t have to worry that if they become crosswise with some government official, an obscure law can make them a criminal. And while this legislature is now passing similar harassment laws to be selectively used against gun owners, the least they can do is repeal some old ones.

But that’s not why I support its repeal.

Here is a partial list of the married women I plan to make time with should this bill pass:

Selma Hayek

Angelina Jolie

Halle Berry

Marcia Brady

Nicole Kidman

The young Sophia Loren

Faith Hill

The old Sophia Loren

Margaret Thatcher

That chick in the bikini from the “Tab” commercial when I was a kid

Blondie Bumstead (what’s she doing with Dagwood I’ll never understand)

Aunt Bea, but I’ve been in therapy for that.

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Post-Election TV

Posted by on Nov 08 2012 | Capitol Crazies, denver, Idiot Box (TV Show), obama, Politics, PPC

Post-election blues got you down? Go ahead and and stay curled up in a ball on the couch for Devil’s Advocate tomorrow night as I am joined by Denver Post editorial page editor Curtis Hubbard and Colorado Springs Gazette editorial page editor Wayne Laugesen for a dissection of what happened on Tuesday and what it might mean for Colorado in 2013. That’s Friday night at 8:30 on Colorado Public Television 12.

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Celebrate Sine Die With Us!

Posted by on May 07 2012 | Capitol Crazies, Events, PPC

One of my favorite phrases in the whole world is “Sine die!” Which not only sounds cool and exotic, but also means something significant that we can all appreciate – the end of the legislative session. Whew! For me, sine die marks the beginning of being able to breath freely again knowing that my freedoms, money, and property aren’t in danger of being voted away – at least not until the next legislative session that will resume in January.

As a result of sine die, we would like to extend an invitation to celebrate the end of the 2012 legislative session here at the Independence Institute’s Freedom Embassy. We will be celebrating this Wednesday the 9th with FREE BEER to mark this special occasion. That means, if you are a legislator, a lobbyist, an aid, or one of those creepy people that hangs around the Capitol all day, you are welcome to join us and toast the end of the session. Just come on by our office after the close of session. We’ll be here until the beer runs out (or until 8pm, whichever comes first).

Hopefully we won’t lose the right to throw big alcoholic parties on our own property before the session lets out on Wednesday. If we lose that freedom, we are canceling the party. Just sayin’.

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The last thing Hick wants…

Posted by on Mar 08 2012 | Capitol Crazies, PPC, Purely Personal

The last thing Governor Hickenlooper wants is for me to come to his defense, ever. Sorry John, I just gotta.  As a guy who has his foot in his mouth so often I can tell if socks are cotton or poly-bend just by taste, I have to say Hick’s amusing slip about the mayor’s wife in the shower is not only no big deal, it’s, well, funny. Reading that black ministers are demanding a public apology for a joke that was clearly meant as a compliment just proves that the humorless and prudish keep reproducing. (And doesn’t that act take at least some appreciation of slapstick? I can show you pictures.)

Given my proclivity for endless sophomoric sex jokes (thus the Independence Institute motto – Come for the Public Policy, Stay for the Sexual Harassment), I know what it is like to unintentionally offend social moralists. Fortunately they always forgive my addiction to junior high raunch. (Great thing about Christians – ask for forgiveness and they give it. Try that with the IRS.)  But at some point they really need to kick back and understand that while they may be uptight about adult humor, and they have every right to be as uptight as they like, the rest of us are not. In fact, most of us enjoy a good yuck, even if it’s a little naughty. Nudge nudge, wink wink. And it’s time for them to turn the other cheek (Holding back a butt joke here).

And while there will be folks who are offended by just about any joke, the whole idea of liberty is the acceptance that other people will value different things, well, differently. We free-marketeers yack about this all the time – don’t force us to use the light bulbs you think are best for us, don’t ban the trans fat that we might wish to enjoy, yadda, yadda. We understand that only smug we-know-how-you-should-live elitists insist on what our values must be. While politically correct leftists are renown for their lack of giggles (how many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb – ONE DAMN IT, JUST ONE!), many social conservatives are too. And it breaks my heart when conservatives of any stripe share the up-tightness of collectivists.

As for the Guv, Hick please don’t apologize and certainly don’t second-guess your well intentioned, off-the-cuff comments. I hate that you are such a popular politician; and I am not looking forward to when you use your lovable, ah-shucks personality to pimp yet another tax increase (oh yes, it is coming). But your sense of humor is one of your greatest political assets. Don’t let a couple of hyper-sensitive prudes pressure you into self-censorship. Self-censorship is to only be experienced by Republican students on college campuses.

Oh, and Guv, welcome to my world.

P.S. If anyone is interested in me in the shower, the mayor’s wife has pictures.         (Um, that’s a joke.)

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Fox 31, Denver Post Reporters On Devil’s Advocate Tonight

Posted by on Feb 17 2012 | Capitol Crazies, Idiot Box (TV Show), Politics, PPC

Who needs a love life when you have Friday night public affairs television with the Independence Institute. On tonight’s Devil’s Advocate, Fox 31 political reporter Eli Stokols and Denver Post reporter Lynn Bartels join host Jon Caldara for a Colorado legislative session update from the reporters who cover the statehouse beat. That’s tonight at 8:30 p.m. on Colorado Public Television 12. Re-broadcast Monday at 1:30 p.m.

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Are You Serious and Mature Like Your Fellow “Defaulters?”

Posted by on Jul 26 2011 | Capitol Crazies, denver, Economics, Economy, Government Largess, PPC, Taxes

Oh Diana. We know economics isn’t one of your strong suits, but at least think a little harder before you parrot irrational talking points. Like the good Keynesian she is, Congresswoman Diana DeGette continues to push the popular and fallacious narrative of debt ceiling default. Here is what she had to say in the North Denver Tribune,

To avoid defaulting on our obligations and sending the world economy into a tailspin, we must raise the debt limit by August 2nd.

I talked about this last week and made the point that although this false narrative is winning the popularity contest, it is still magnificently illogical. The strategy of, let’s call them “defaulters,” is to scare the daylights out of the American public with talks of an impending economic doom if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. It’s quite likely you’ve heard a dozen catastrophic doomsday scenarios from various political pundits and politicians. Diana DeGette takes the typical doom and gloom talking points, but adds her own unique twist: asserting “defaulters” as mature adults looking for compromise, and the opposition as immature little children holding onto to principles with deadly consequences.

For example, are you “serious” and “mature” like Diana?

If they resisted the extreme urgings of some in their party to hold out for unpalatable concessions on budget cuts, serious policymakers in the center could hammer out bi-partisan solutions and mature policy decisions.

Apparently, I’m neither serious nor mature. In fact, I think it’s very unserious of Diana to suggest that we balance the budget without touching the 2 biggest items in the budget: Social Security and Medicare. I bet the immature folks over at Reason Magazine would agree. They’ve been hammering back against this silly narrative for awhile now and just released a short and completely unserious video, “3 Reasons Why the Debt Ceiling Debate is Full of Malarkry.” Gosh, if only they knew about the mature adults taking a serious position on this issue.

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