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Standing up for George McGovern

Posted by on Apr 04 2011 | Chris Romer, George McGovern, History

(David Kopel)

The Denver Post reports on the time that Chris Romer (current frontrunner in the Denver mayoral race) and I took a lonely stand in support of George McGovern’s doomed 1972 presidential campaign, during a classroom debate. As the article indicates, I have no regrets about doing whatever I could, including working as a phone bank volunteer, to help McGovern. November 7, 1972, was definitely the most personally depressing presidential election night I’ve ever experienced, with McGovern even losing states like South Dakota and Rhode Island, for which we had still retained some hope; the good news that night was my father’s re-election to another term in the Colorado House of Representatives. (For an old-time picture of my dad in the House, see the 3d picture from the end, here.)

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