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VIDEO: Constitutional Guide to Fighting Federal Overreach

Posted by on Oct 18 2011 | Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional History, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, Continuing Legal Education, Events, Kopelization, obamacare, Originalism, PPC, supreme court, The Founders, U.S. Constitution

What an event! I can’t begin to describe to my readers how incredibly epic our Constitutional Law event was last month. Our two resident ConLaw scholars Dave Kopel of the University of Denver Law School and Rob Natelson, formerly of the University of Montana Law School wow’ed the crowd with their presentations. We completely sold out the Antlers Hilton auditorium down in Colorado Springs with hundreds of liberty loving nerds who wanted to learn more about the supreme law of the land – our Constitution. In case you missed it, or wanted to relive it again, we’ve got the entire event posted on YouTube. You can find the playlist here.

I also wanted to post the schedule of the event that you will see on the videos, including the lecture titles from Rob and Dave. Here is what was presented in order:

  • Registration and Greeting
  • Why A Written Constitution? Explaining the Founding and correcting myths – Rob Natelson
  • Key provisions in the Constitution—what they really meant—Rob Natelson
  • What happened? How “progressives” abused the Constitution and undermined limits on Government—Dave Kopel
  • Tools the Founders gave us to protect liberty—Rob Natelson
  • A practical roadmap for taking back America—Dave Kopel
  • Commentary on the “practical roadmap”—Rob Natelson
  • Discussion and questions
  • Below are the 4 videos from the event:

    PART 1:

    PART 2:

    PART 3:

    PART 4:

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    National Firearms Law Seminar

    Posted by on Apr 19 2011 | Continuing Legal Education

    (David Kopel)

    Every year at the NRA Convention, the NRA Foundation puts on a day-long National Firearms Law Seminar. For attorneys in search of Continuing Legal Education that is actually interesting–or who are just in search of knowledge–the Seminar presents a nice balance of cutting-edge law, along with helpful advice for legal practice. This year’s panelists include Stephen Halbrook, David Hardy,  and me (on international law), as well as Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery, and legal experts from the FBI and BATFE. The luncheon speaker will be Glenn Reynolds, who may also be mixing his well-known margaritas at the cocktail reception afterwards. So if you will be in Pittsburgh on April 29, please consider registering.

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