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Devil Inside the Beltway: A Small Business Nightmare

Posted by on Oct 16 2014 | Events, Video

On Wednesday October 15, the Independence Institute hosted author and former small business owner Michael Daugherty. His book, “Devil Inside the Beltway” is an ongoing tale of the big guy (government) vs. the little guy (Michael and his company). Listen as Michael tells a magnificent tale of government overreach and cronyism. And he’s still fighting to this day.

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Wining, Women, and Weapons

Posted by on May 06 2014 | Events

Have you noticed that the sun is coming up earlier and staying out later? Well there’s a scientific reason – the Colorado legislative session is drawing to a close. There’s only one day left.

And you can tell it’s an election year because the Democratic controlled legislature did not attack our gun rights, massively increase our power costs with renewable mandates, open our voting system to even more mischief, or put a massive tax increase on the ballot. And hell, Governor Hickenlooper actually vetoed something this year! So, time to celebrate!

Well, around here we’ll use just about anything as an excuse to celebrate (read: “drink”). So next Wednesday, May 14th, the ladies of II are hosting another one of their “Wining with Women” parties (read: “drinking without men around to kill their buzz”). And the ladies’ very special guest speaker (read: “person to make this look like a legit event instead of a bunch of women chugging red wine like Slurpees”) is Julie Gunlock from the Independent Women’s Forum in DC.

Julie runs their Culture of Alarmism Project and is the author of From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Makes Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back. She’ll talk about how this culture of alarmism is weaving its way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives, making parents worry about common everyday products, food, and healthy activities. Her book encourages all Americans to have some perspective, use common sense, enjoy life, and to reject the culture of alarmism.

And Julie Gunlock’s last name should remind everyone to lock up their firearms before going to any alcohol-fueled event (read: “last time the women around here attacked the liquor cabinet they forced the male interns to do table dances at gun-point”).

RSVP online here or call Su at 303-279-6536, ext. 117.

In other news, we’re looking for some new male interns. To learn about our Future Leader’s Program contact

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VIDEO: Institute for Justice’s Clark Neily

Posted by on Apr 23 2014 | Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional History, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, Events, U.S. Constitution

The Institute for Justice (IJ) fights for the little guy. IJ has a great track record of standing up to government when they refuse the right to earn a living here in the land of opportunity. Clark Neily is a senior attorney for IJ and has been on the front lines fighting for basic economic freedoms that Americans are promised in our constitution. As a result, he’s seen how our courts have failed in protecting our freedoms. In this speech given at the Independence Institute offices on April 16th, Clark discusses his new book, Terms of Engagement: How Our Courts Should Enforce the Constitution’s Promise of Limited Government.

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Calling all entrepreneurs! (And wanna-be entrepreneurs)

Posted by on Apr 16 2014 | Events

Our good friends at Liberty on the Rocks will be hosting an incredible FREE weekend event for all current and aspiring entrepreneurs, here at the Independence Institute offices, May 2-4th. The event is aimed at folks who don’t want to just understand the theories behind free markets and liberty, but want to actually engage the free market in order to advance liberty. Below you’ll find the details of the event from Amanda Muell, President of Liberty on the Rocks and host of the Liberty Lab.

Have you heard about Liberty Lab? It’s the newest how-to-start-a-business-boot camp designed specifically for liberty minded entrepreneurs. Whether you live in Denver or wish to participate remotely, this event is for anyone with an idea for advancing freedom!

Do you have a project or a business idea that you believe will change the world, but don’t know where to start? Or have a project or startup you are looking to grow in a new direction? Liberty Lab is the event you can’t afford to miss – you will even have the chance to win up to $2000 in seed funding. And, it’s free to attend!

Held over the course of three days (and also streamed live online), Liberty Lab is your opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded freedom lovers, while learning how to launch your project from some of the best and brightest liberty minded entrepreneurs in Colorado. Don’t believe me? Here are a few people you will be learning from:

  • Jeff Proctor, Senior Instructor at the Koch Institute
  • Lani Langton, Business Coach at ActionCOACH
  • Brian Watson, President of Northstar Commercial Partners
  • Darrell Hornbacher, CEO of Midas Financial Company

Click HERE to see the full list of speakers, coaches, and mentors.

Spaces are filling up fast, and you don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity. Register today, mark your calendar, and get ready to change the world. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

Can’t make it in person? Register here to participate remotely.

Click Here to Register for your chance at $1500 in Seed Funding**

What: Liberty Lab

When: 05/02/2014 – 05/04/2014

Where: Independence Institute, 727 East 16th Avenue, Denver, Colorado

Why: Individuals, not government, are the answer to societies problems

Who: Hosted by Liberty on the Rocks

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Institute for Justice Event This Wednesday

Posted by on Apr 14 2014 | Events, U.S. Constitution

It isn’t easy being illiterate. My dyslexia makes everything more interesting, just like those dyslexic atheists. They don’t believe in dogs.

Anyway, when my staff emailed me all excited about getting the author of Terms of Engagement to speak here, I said “okay, do it.” You see, I thought they said the author of Terms of Endearment. Seemed like a chick flick to me, but Jack Nicholson was way cool in it so, you know, whatever.

Apparently Terms of Engagement is a book. Who knew?

Clark Neily is a senior attorney for one of the greatest outfits around – the Institute for Justice. He litigates economic liberty, property rights, school choice, First Amendment, and other constitutional cases in both federal and state courts.

Thee new book, which doesn’t even have a forward by Jack Nicholson, argues that judges need to take a lot of the blame for the hard turn to the left our nation has taken. And he offers a solution.

Well, come hear him speak at the Independence Institute offices (727 E. 16th Ave. Denver, CO 80203) this Wednesday, April 16th. Event starts at 5:30p with light refreshments. Did I mention the event is FREE? All you’ve got to do is RSVP either online here or over the phone at 303-279-6536.

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Just the Fracking Facts: Hydraulic Fracturing Debate

Posted by on Mar 17 2014 | energy, Events

Just a reminder of our fracking debate coming up this Thursday at the Denver Post building.

Here’s the Facebook event page.


To RSVP online, go here. Or you can call Mary MacFarlane at 303-279-6536, ext. 102.

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Debate inside the mysterious Denver Post building

Posted by on Mar 14 2014 | energy, Events

Ever been inside the Denver Post building? Well, I have, and it’s frightening. Framed pictures of Karl Marx on the walls, everyone wearing those little gray Mao uniforms, and a soup line in the lunch room. Filing into the building, workers must pass 10-foot-tall reprints of the Post’s endorsements of Amendment 23, Fastracks, Ref C and D, last year’s Amendment 66, and scores of other tax and debt increases.

It’s like Cuba, except with a Starbucks.

Well, here’s your big opportunity to see it for yourself! We are hosting a debate on hydraulic fracturing in Colorado. And we’re doing it in the Post’s swanky auditorium this Thursday, March 20, at 5:00 pm. It’s going to be a conversation with both sides of the issue. We’re glad to have the Left-leaning Alliance for Sustainability partnering with us, and the always dapper Eric Sonderman serving as moderator. Tickets are free, but required, to get in.


Get info and reserve a seat before they’re all gone on our events page here.

And I hope you know I was just kidding around about the inside of the Post building. There’s no Starbucks.

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FREE beer! One catch – You gotta listen to another bald guy

Posted by on Oct 14 2013 | Events

Our good friend Radley Balko is in town. You know him from his work at the Cato Institute and Reason Magazine. These days, he’s an investigative reporter for the The Huffington Post. You might remember he was one of our Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Party speakers. And this time, well, guns are still kinda the topic. The topic is police.

I’m not saying the cops in Denver have a bad reputation, but I have seen people get pulled over in this city. Drivers just get out of their cars and throw themselves on their car hoods.

Radley is perhaps the country’s greatest authority on the militarization of civil police. Balko’s work on paramilitary raids and the overuse of SWAT teams was featured in The New York Times, has been praised by outlets ranging from Human Events to the Daily Kos, and was cited by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s dissent in the case Hudson v. Michigan. Balko is also credited with bringing national attention to the case of Cory Maye, a black man who prior to Balko’s work was on death row in Mississippi for shooting and killing a white police officer during a raid on Maye’s home.

Please come hear about his new book Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces, this Thursday, October 17th from 5:30 to 7pm at the Independence Institute offices. Beer & appetizers are on me. RSVP for FREE online here or contact Mary MacFarlane at 303-279-6536 X102 or if you have questions.

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Taking on Artsy-Fartsy-Pants

Posted by on Oct 03 2013 | Events, Kopelization, Second Amendment

The International Film Series is Boulder, Colorado’s original “Art Film” outlet founded back in 1941 and it is still going strong today.

The point? Boulder’s been home to pretentious, beret-wearing art snobs since World War II.

Since then we’ve been able to defeat the Nazis, relegate the Evil Empire to the ash heap of history, eradicate polio, kill disco, replace 8-tracks with Walkmans, and replace Walkmans with iPods.

But still we haven’t put an end to smug trust-funders bloviating over grainy, subtitled films that take three hours to explore the existential torment of the futility of love.

That changes Tuesday night at 7:00.

The counter-offensive to make the cinema safe for democracy starts with our own act of subversion.

Using infiltrators posing as French literature grad students earning work study money at the International Film Series, we were able to use the false promise of loose women and cocaine to coerce the program director to sneak a Freedom-loving film into the schedule.

Tuesday we partner with the Film Series to show the Second Amendment documentary Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire. It stars famed action-film celeb David Kopel, who in his spare time serves as research director for the Independence Institute.

From the film’s web page: “Dead Patriot Films presents ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire,’ a documentary that brings audiences to the center of the controversy over the issue that is dividing our nation – gun control. Narrated by Ice-T, a critically acclaimed rapper and actor, the film takes a critical look at current gun laws and the rising movement to restrict the rights guaranteed by our Second Amendment.”

Please join us Tuesday evening on the University of Colorado Boulder Campus for the movie followed by Q and A from the one and only Dave Kopel. (Can you imagine a bunch of, well, us, enjoying a liberty movie in the center of CU? This is gonna’ cause Ward Churchill to buy Ex-Lax by the case.)

Check out the movie and the International Film Series at

$7 at the door. Seats are limited. Be there.

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Foundation for Economic Education Event in Denver

Posted by on Oct 02 2013 | Economics, Events

The Foundation for Economic Education, also known as FEE, does a ton of great work. We are excited to join them for their event at the Tavern Uptown tomorrow night at the Tavern Uptown, from 6 to 7:30.

Join FEE Alumni Board Member, Stephen Macaskill, and other FEE supporters, friends and alumni for an evening of drinks and hors d’oeuvres to hear how FEE is cultivating the next generation of innovative free-market leaders in all industries and arenas. Free with RSVP.

RSVP here.

Click here for the official event flyer.


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