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Colorado Teachers Can Get Refunds!

Posted by on Dec 10 2013 | education, Idiot Box (TV Show)

Tune in to my show Devil’s Advocate as our senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow highlights the upcoming December 15 deadline for Colorado Education Association members to request up to $63 in Every Member Option political refunds. The episode featured a showing of the 45-second Schoolhouse Rock-style animated video explaining the refund option.

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VIDEO: Prop AA – Big Taxes for Legal Marijuana

Posted by on Oct 16 2013 | Drug Policy, Idiot Box (TV Show), Taxes

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VIDEO: Ronald Reagan and Ending Corporate Welfare

Posted by on Sep 03 2013 | Corporate Welfare, Idiot Box (TV Show), Ronald Reagan

Just in case you missed my TV show last Friday before the big 3-day weekend, below are the two segments.

First I chatted with author and lawyer Perry Pendley from Mountain States Legal Foundation about his new book about Ronald Reagan and environmentalism.

Then I sat down with Lisa Ritland from Colorado Public Interest Research Group (COPIRG) to discuss one issue where we both agree 100%: ending corporate welfare.

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The Sickness in Our Souls Challenge

Posted by on Aug 26 2013 | guns, Idiot Box (TV Show)

The John Morse campaign released an attack video saying I misrepresented his “sickness in our souls” insult of gun owners on my TV show “Devil’s Advocate”. Who knew he even watched?

Anyway, here is my response. Please pass it around to anyone you think might be interested.

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VIDEO: Poetry and Constitutionalism

Posted by on Aug 06 2013 | Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional History, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, Idiot Box (TV Show), U.S. Constitution

To showcase just how diverse my TV show Devils Advocate is, this past Friday I had resident constitutional scholar Rob Natelson on and acclaimed performance poet Shawn Welcome on for 15 minutes each. Below you’ll find the shows:

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Martin, Zimmerman, and Race Relations on Devils Advocate TV

Posted by on Jul 29 2013 | Idiot Box (TV Show)

Last Friday, I was joined by attorney and former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Terrance Carroll and Derrick Wilburn from American Conservatives of Color for a discussion of race, Trayvon Martin, and the George Zimmerman trial verdict.

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Martin/Zimmerman Trial & Race Issues on Devils Advocate Tonight

Posted by on Jul 26 2013 | Idiot Box (TV Show)

Friday night means public affairs TV with the Independence Institute on Colorado Public Television 12. First at 8:00, catch Executive Vice President Amy Oliver on Colorado Inside Out. Then stay tuned for Devil’s Advocate at 8:30 as I am joined by attorney and former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Terrance Carroll and Derrick Wilburn from American Conservatives of Color for a discussion about race, Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman trial verdict. That starts tonight at 8:00 on CPT12.

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Education TV: Learn From the Best

Posted by on Jul 24 2013 | education, Idiot Box (TV Show)

I just had two extremely smart women on my TV show to talk about education issues in Colorado. First up was our Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno. She schooled me on tax credits for K-12 education. Apparently, there are is a special tax credit that helps disadvantaged students get a better education.

Next up was Krista Kafer. She schooled me on the rise of blended learning – which is just a fancy way of saying, “using modern technology in and out of the classroom.”

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Political Off Season? What’s That?

Posted by on Jul 23 2013 | Idiot Box (TV Show), Politics

The legislative session ended and we’re supposed to be in the political off season. But in reality, there is no political off season. Especially on my TV show, Devils Advocate. In case you missed this recent episode where I discuss political happenings during the “downtime” with Fox31′s Eli Stokols and Tim Hoover of the Denver Post, check it out here:

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VIDEO: 2 Guys in the News Lately

Posted by on May 31 2013 | Idiot Box (TV Show), Second Amendment, Video

First up, Dave Kopel joins me to talk about the latest with our lawsuit against the new anti-gun bills signed by Hick.

Then Scott Gessler joins me to discuss the silly mail-in ballot law.

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