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AUDIO: Me Guest Hosting Rosen This Morning

Posted by on May 01 2012 | Media, PPC, radio

This morning I found myself back on 850 KOA guest hosting the Mike Rosen show from 9am to noon. Thanks to the 850 KOA website, here are the audio files of the show in case you couldn’t catch it live this morning.

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I am Still Here!

Posted by on Jan 25 2012 | Idiot Box (TV Show), Media, PPC, radio

Since my late night radio show on 850 KOA ended last week, I’ve been bombarded with the most heart warming messages from fans on my blog, on my Facebook wall (both of them), via Twitter, on YouTube, in person, and through email. It’s sometimes difficult for me to fully understand the kind of impact my radio show and commentary has had on people over the years, so all this outpouring of love from you guys means a whole lot. I cannot thank you enough for your support.

Getting all this love the past week from so many people from all over the country got me thinking: I wonder what someone on the Left thinks about me leaving nightly radio… hmmmm… and then the phone rang. It was Jason Salzman. He wanted some commentary from me on leaving my nightly radio spot for his blog, The Big Media Blog. We chatted for awhile and in no time, I got to read his latest blog post about me. I’m glad he will miss me. And I’m glad he decided to publish some of the best material I gave him. Thanks for giving us the Left’s perspective Jason.

However, I wonder if most people on the Left believe I was “advancing evil” every night like Jason does.

Whether you think my ideas are evil or not, you can still listen to me spew something on the radio on a weekly basis. I have a new time slot, this time on 630 KHOW. That’s right, you didn’t get rid of me yet! I’ll be on KHOW from 5 to 8pm every Sunday, with appearances on both KOA and KHOW as a fill-in host when needed. Which means now I’ve got a regular gig AND I’ll be coming out of the bullpen in relief. And don’t forget about my Public Television channel 12 show, Devils Advocate!

Thanks again to everyone who left me encouraging messages. It means a lot. For those on Left who thought I’d go away quietly. Sorry. I’m still here.

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