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Dave Kopel on Piers Morgan Tonight

Posted by on Jul 20 2012 | guns, Kopelization, Media, PPC, Right to carry, Second Amendment, television

Catch Independence Institute research director Dave Kopel on CNN’s Piers Morgan Show tonight (7-8:00 PM Mountain Time) discussing the Aurora movie theater shooting.

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Emmy nomination for 1951 Colorado Inside Out

Posted by on Jun 14 2012 | History, Politics, television, Uncategorized

Every year the political roundtable show Colorado Inside Out does a time machine episode. Last year’s 1951 episode has just been nominated for a regional Emmy Award, in the news/interview program category. Our topics for the episode were the firing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the Korean War, duck and cover training, and the new federal government center in Denver. Characters were the famous singer and actress Ethel Merman, who had recently moved to Denver (played by Westword publisher Patty Calhoun), newspaperman Al Nakula (played by former Rocky Mountain News journalist Kevin Flynn), sociology professor Lois Waddell (played by Dani Newsum), and southern Colorado newspaper editor Cecil Koplowitz (played by me, evoking my father’s first journalism job, in Walsenberg).

We ¬†are getting ready to tape a new episode, which will be set in 1912. Patty Calhoun will portray Denver socialite and social climber Molly Brown. I’m busy reading about the Balkan War which began in 1912. The episode will premiere on Friday, July 6.

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