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Bleg on U.N. extreme interpretations of treaties, and of extreme interpretations of Americans with Disabilities Act

Posted by on Dec 05 2012 | International Law, Treaties

Earlier this week, the Senate rejected the proposed  U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Among the reasons for the rejection was fear that, even if the Convention’s language itself was acceptable, the future interpretation of the Convention would be in the hands of a U.N. bureaucracy, which might invent novel or excessive interpretations. Therefore, I respectfully request commenters to describe previous situations in which a UN body has, in the commenter’s view, made an inappropriate interpretation or application of a Convention of Treaty.

And since the CRPD was modeled, in part on the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act, commenters are also welcome to point out some of what they consider to be the most extreme, inappropriate, or unexpected applications and interpretations of the ADA itself.



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First item of new post-election “flexibility”: U.N. gun control

Posted by on Nov 07 2012 | guns, International Law, obama, Treaties

As reported by the Second Amendment Foundation, this morning the Obama administration joined a U.N. majority which called for convening a new conference to create a global Arms Trade Treaty.

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