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Yes, Our Strippers Accept Welfare Payments

Posted by on Mar 01 2012 | Government Largess, PPC, Taxes, welfare

A huge story broke earlier this week. 9News discovered that thousands upon thousands of welfare dollars are being spent on alcohol, gambling, and strippers – not exactly essentials like food, shelter, and clothing. Sounds like a great time for sure, but not on the taxpayers’ dime. Additionally, they found that over $1 million is going to banks through ATM fees and other transaction costs. Essentially, taxpayers are getting hit twice: once when the recipient takes money from the strip club ATM for a lap dance and then again when the ATM charges the average $3 fee. Double-whammy!

Anyway, 9News caught up with me to talk about it. Watch the video below and you’ll see me elegantly strut my stuff down Colfax Ave while talking public indignation over the acts that occur on our dime on Colfax Ave.

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