Citizens’ Budget

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The report provides an overview of the structure, timing and size of the State budget. We speak to how the problems originated and how things have gone wrong in recent years. The Citizens’ Budget includes legislative, constitutional, and policy recommendations to close the looming state budget gap – without raising taxes – and move Colorado towards sustainable government for good.

Please share this important project with fellow concerned Colorado citizens. We must tackle this problem sooner than later. To achieve sustainable government in our lifetime, we need your help. Trust us, your children and your children’s children will thank you.

Important Links:

The 170 page full-color web version of the Citizens’ Budget document can be downloaded in PDF form. You can click and read individual chapters from the table of contents on page 2.

Additionally, the full document can be downloaded and printed in this full black and white printer-friendly version.

Full-color six page Executive Summary: Road Map for Sustainable Government

Citizens’ Budget individual chapters, broken down by topic:

Introduction and Overview: The State’s Budget

State Budget Process

Priority-Based Budgeting

Policy Changes to Make a Difference:

Topics Needing Further Study

Other Operational Savings

Authors Section

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  1. Ted Mershon please read this article about the bail bond industry in colorado being taken over by Senate Majority Leader John Morse and his ilk. He just pulled a fast one down at the capital today. He passed his bill when not enough people showed up for it. Call some of the local Bail people in the Area. Like A1 Bonds – Barb Mershon at 303-941-3577. Also the Division of Insurance is running them into the ground at the moment. The whole industry could be gone in two weeks. HELP! Give a call to Bill Johnson of the Denver Post, he wrote an article about a month ago on this.

    21 Apr 2011 at 4:30 pm

  2. Zan

    Jon / staff,

    Did the Supreme Court overturn the unconstitutional mandate to purchase health insurance? What is the current status?

    05 Aug 2011 at 10:40 am

  3. Jon,

    We hope you are well. We would like to invite you and the Independence Institute to be on the Clean Team (Please review Clean Services attached). The Citizens for Families and the Clean Services Foundation are Utah, grass-roots group of citizens, cities, government officials, groups and companies with a fool-proof solution to protect our families, children and communities from indecency via telephone (land line and cell), television and Internet. We have relationships with many of the current solutions out there already, it is truly amazing. Once Utah gets rolling, this solution is very easily replicated for other states and countries. Please let me know your thoughts when you can and how we could all work together, better. Have a great day.

    If you have time, please also review:
    (more letters, city proclamations, letters from Senators, and more)

    God bless,

    John Gunter jr.
    Chairman of the Board/President Director
    Citizens for Families Clean Services Foundation
    O: 1-800-748-5022, X.3305
    C: 801-654-5973

    21 Sep 2011 at 8:41 am

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